Friday, August 30, 2013

Team Beach Body-My Transformation

One year ago, I was completely unhappy and Im not going to lie, FAT.  I was happy with my beautiful family, But inside, I felt miserable.  I was uncomfortable with my body, even in front of my husband.  Let me ask you a question.. How do you expect someone to love you if you cannot love yourself?
I had to do something, and it had to be quick.. Not a quick fix though.  I wanted to just completely change my life altogether… More like a LIFESTYLE change! I knew if I did Adkins, or even Medifast, once your done with those diets, that weight comes right back on one way or another.. You simply cannot live off that food.. Well some of it is not even real food.  I LOVE my food and did not want that taken away from me. 
So I decided one day after my cousin who is a BEACH BODY COACH contacted me to join one of her CHALLENGE GROUPS with BEACH BODY.  I was skeptical just because there are so many fad diets out there and did not have money to just blow… I mean come on, I have 2 small children both in diapers, we were building a house, I was taking Master’s classes, and working in the ER. How could I possibly afford to eat healthy right? 
I just one day decided to take a leap of faith after being so disgusted with myself and start the challenge. So I started with INSANITYand drinking SHAKEOLOGY once a day. The workouts would help increase my metabolism, and the SHAKEOLOGY would be 1 meal a day to replace full of nutrition, so that would really help me with the nutrition aspect. 

After 30 days, I was losing lbs inches, but even more importantly, I was gaining energy, losing my cravings, and my digestive system was improving! These shakes were actually making a difference, and the fact that they are so easy and convenient for me, especially when Im at work and on the go helps sooooo much!  This was such a motivation for me to keep going!  Of all the times I spent in the gym getting nowhere, I’m finally finding something that works for me!!
So here I am now,  a yr later, 40 lbs lighter, and in the best shape of my life.  I have learned from my challenge group how to eat clean, and take care of myself, along with finding the motivation in me to follow through with my goals! I have been drinking my SHAKEOLOGY
 for breakfast or snack EVERY DAY.
I now am a BEACH BODY COACH!  I hold CHALLENGE GROUPS for everyone else, to give back what was given to me… The ability to follow through and succeed.  To reach your ultimate goals, to make that lifestyle change! 

All you need to start my challenge is the need to WANT TO CHANGE.  If you want it, I will help you get there! 

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Can’t wait to watch your TRANSFORMATION!

If you love health and fitness and would like to help people reach their goals, I am recruiting people who are motivated and have the passion to help people live healthier and fulfilling lifestyles! 
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