Thursday, August 15, 2013

HEATHER M- Physician Assistant and Wife Turbo Fire and Shakeology Transformation


I’ve never really considered myself “fat,” but always “chubby/chunky”.  I’ve always hated how I looked in a bathing suit and I never was comfortable in my clothes.  I got married about 3 years ago and gained a good bit of weight afterwards.  I feel I just got too comfortable and let myself go.
What actually got me motivated was your transformation story - I saw your amazing results with the challenge group you did.  I had been going to the gym, and had a personal trainer, but it didn’t seem to be giving me results.  I needed to try something new.
I was skeptical at first- to be honest I wasn’t sure of SHAKEOLOGY.  It was expensive and I figured it would be one of those meal replacements that left me starving.  I also wasn’t sure I would stick to the at home workout since I could easily get out of doing it. 
The challenge group was fabulous!  It really held me accountable and it was nice to be in a group with other individuals striving for the same goal.  It gave me just enough push to great results.  Not only was it great support but also it gave me an education on not only working out, but nutrition.  That was exactly what I was missing with the gym.  I also learned to have a cheat meal- not a whole day.  I was super guilty of that before.
I absolutely loved TURBO FIRE- it was the perfect workout for me.  It never got repetitive or old.  Chalene pushes you throughout the program to work harder and push further.  I really enjoyed that.  SHAKEOLOGY- I was total wrong.  Not only did it taste great, but it really did keep me satisfied.  There are so many different recipes to use it never got old either.  It actually made life easier for me.  At work, I don’t get breaks often.  It was easy to drink it while I was working, instead of what I did prior and that was to grab whatever food I could eat at my desk, and it was normally crappy food.

This experience has been amazing.  I have a new sense of confidence.  I’m finally comfortable in my own skin and look forward to being in a bathing suit now.  I have learned so much.  The best thing I’ve learn is this is not a diet or a fad- it’s truly a lifestyle change.  The challenge group gave me the tools and the education to make that change.  I can say I am happy, healthy and can not wait for even more results as I continue through this journey!

Heather has made a complete lifestyle change since joining my challenge group using TURBO FIRE and SHAKEOLOGY!  This is only 60 days of hard work and dedication, and committing herself.. She busy, works swing shifts, 12 hr shifts, has a husband and family, but still makes time for herself!  I am amazed at Heather's results and complete different way of thinking about health and fitness!! 

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