Saturday, August 3, 2013

T25 WEEK 3 DAY 6!!

T25 WEEK 3 DAY 6

Even though it is the weekend, there should be NO excuse for falling off track!! If you want results, you need to give it 100%! This is why I am keeping track in public of my journey.. because I want results and I am willing to commit and be the best person I am to not only myself, but my family as well!! I want to be happy, love the way I look, be able to put on anything in my closet and not change 10 times and be upset with myself!  I want my husband to be proud of who he stands by, and for my children to grow up and want to be healthy because they watched mommy be healthy!
For today, I woke up and ate breakfast: ½ cup oatmeal with fresh blueberries and strawberries, 1 tsp flax seed, 1 tbsp almond butter.

I did my T25 (double workout day, which was yesterdays so now I am on track) Total Body circuit and abs!  Great workout, my body was on FIRE!!!

For lunch, I made myself a veggie spicy chicken patty with black bean, corn, and edamame mix… this was amazing!!

Snack: SHAKEOLOGY (vanilla with 2 tbsp natural peanut butter).. this was special because my husband made it for me!! He likes to compete on who makes better shakes and its sad to say he may be in lead!! I also had some raw veggies and hummus

Dinner: Grilled chicken fajita with whole wheat wrap, peppers, onion, and in place of sour cream, I used plain Greek yogurt!  I also had some kale chips!! Those are my obsession now… but a good obsession!!

Today was a great day!! I did jump on the scale and it is not budging.. why I am ok with that is because I am noticing my body feels better and my shorts are fitting me different!! I love these non-scale victories!! They mean soooo much more!!!
If you are ready for some victories, join me in my next challenge group starting Aug 12th!! You choose any beach body workout, drink SHAKEOLOGY once a day with me, and eat clean, and we will get results together as a team!! If you are interested, message me for details!

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