Friday, August 2, 2013


WEEK 3 DAY 5 T25
All I have to say is TGIF!!  I am soooo happy to have the weekend finally here to be with my family and off work!! WOOOHOOO!! Since I did not do my workout yesterday, I did it this morning at 4 am before going into work.  I did T25 CARDIO and holy high heart rate is all I have to say!! I drank my E&E like I do every morning prior to my workout, but this morning, I did my workout 15 min after drinking it…usually I end up doing my posts on the computer and end up starting 30 min after my workout.  So I will say I can notice a HUGE difference with my endurance and my performance when I follow the rules with drinking my E&E!  I have a difficult time getting my heart rate up, and it literally was in the 180’s for a lot longer than I ever had it! I felt amazing after, but was having pain in my right lung from busting my butt lol!! That is some cardio training right there!! Don’t ever say you cannot do a good workout in 25 minutes, because it is all what YOU make of it!!!

My meals were pretty good, although I did have a little cheat today..

Snack: 1 small apple, Greek yogurt (key lime- my desert)

Lunch: large chicken salad with feta, cranberries, tomato, and oil and vinegar dressing. Unfortunately, I am not done yet.. I had 2 deviled eggs which equals 1 whole egg, some black bean and corn salad (only had 3 bites but tasted awesome!) and then the bad part, ½ cup macaroni salad..The good thing about it is I had it during the day where Im moving and burning calories.

Snack: 1 oz almonds

Dinner: lean homemade meatballs (6 small) and spinach salad with cranberry, walnuts, feta, oil and vinegar

Its 8pm and Im short on my water, so I am going to chug 20 oz right after this so I have my amount in that I need!! No more snacks since I had a big meal today and I am full!!

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