Monday, August 26, 2013

New Challenge Group, great start to a new week!

Yesterday was the start of yet another challenge group that I am so excited about!! These people are so motivated to reach their goals and I am loving the positivity in this group!!!

You may be wondering… what exactly are challenge groups??
Challenge groups are 60 or 90 day support groups that I make on face book that helps people stay motivated and holds them accountable to reach their health and fitness goals.  This is a closed group that only the members of the group can see.  I post daily motivational posts, nutrition and health tips, recipes, and even help with meal plans, so you have the opportunity to maximize your results and learn the right way to make that lifestyle change!  
On your end, your job is to pick any Beach Body program of your choice and follow the schedule, eat clean, and drink SHAKEOLOGY once daily! This is going to improve your overall health and really give you the best results! You want 100% results, the tools are right in front of you!!
This is not about a diet just to get into bikini season.. This is a long term, in it for the long run type of change.  Its learning how to stay committed to yourself and learn a lot of self-discipline.  What I love about these groups, is you not only learn this new lifestyle, but you learn so much about yourself! 
I run these challenge groups every month, so if you are interested in making that change, I would love to have you in my group!  I limit my groups to 5 people per challenge, this way I can focus on each as an individual. 

So, since my new challenge group started, I become even more motivated, which I do not even know how I do that because I thought I was at my max, but I surprise myself each time! Today was a great day and had some awesome workouts, and awesome meals!

I woke up this morning at 5am, got my workout in and posted in all my challenge groups!! My workout today was T25 Beta Dynamic Core.  Definitely worked up a sweat!

I ate protein berry pancakes, which are sooo yummy and easy to make!! 

Snack was Shakeology with PB2 and unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Lunch was Whole wheat English muffin pizzas ( I used mushrooms, onion, and red pepper) which is also another easy meal and awesome when your craving pizza!!

I did slack off on the rest of the day, I had nothing until after my Fit Club, which was a protein bar.  Overall, not bad though! I feel great, and btw did another T25 workout at Fit Club! So I definitely burned calories today! 

Does this look like a lifestyle you want to have for yourself? join me in my next challenge group starting Sept 23rd and get ready for an awesome journey ahead!! Whether you want to tone, lose weight, bulk or even just learn to eat healthier... we do it all!! Message me for details!
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