Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Start of Beta Phase- Focus T25

Today is the 2nd day into my second half of FOCUS T25!! This is the Beta round, and holy moly its intense! For only 25 minutes, that is the most I have ever worked out for that amount of time!

Yesterday, I did T25 (Core Cardio) in the morning at 4am before going to work for 7am, then worked until 530 and went straight to FIT Club at 630.  Fit Club is a fitness class my friend/fellow coach and I hold together as a support group to help keep people accountable and motivated!  We are both nurses and work the same job, so we just leave one job and go right to another! I love this picture because this is us! Its real life and what we are really like. We are moms, nurses, fitness coaches, and love every part of our lives/careers! This is what keeps up going is by sharing our knowledge and motivation with others to help them reach their health and fitness goals! 

Today, my workout was Speed 2.0 and is definitely an increase in speed!! 

My meals have been great!  I have my SHAKEOLOGY for breakfast both yesterday and today since I worked at 7 am, I like to have my shake for breakfast.

I have been eating a lot of grilled chicken, spinach salads, veggies and hummus, and more chicken!! My liquid intake is water and I have been getting 60 oz each day.  I do need to increase that slightly, and I have been drinking my Green Tea when I have a craving coming on!
Tonight for my dinner, I had chicken and sweet potato fries, which were awesome!
Cut Sweet Potato into long slices
Pour 1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil on top and mix up with sweet potatoes
Sprinkle either Himalayan Salt or Sea Salt on top

Bake @ 400 degrees for 35 min or until cooked to your liking!

My results come from Exercise, clean eating, and drinking SHAKEOLOGY once a day. Shakeology is my "healthiest meal of the day and is full of dense nutrition. You get all the vitamins and minerals you need just in one shake, that you do not have to go out and pay for a daily multi-vitamin because its already their for you in your shake!  What else does Shakeology do for you?
-Helps curb cravings
-Gives you energy
-Gives you nutrients you normally do not get from the regular food you eat (one shake=6 trips to the salad bar)
-Helps improve your Immune system
-Helps regulate your digestive system
-Improves your mood
-Helps improve your heart health (helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol)

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