Saturday, August 10, 2013

T25 WEEK 4 complete!

T25 WEEK 4

This week went pretty awesome!!  I stuck to my meals, and did have a couple table spoons of peanut butter, but nothing crazy like I use to!! J I would call that an improvement for sure!! Its all about taking baby steps.. they are steps forward, and before you know it, you will notice a huge difference, without depriving yourself from what you enjoy!!  I drank my SHAKEOLOGY everyday of course, and got all of my workouts in! I have been drinking lots of water and nothing else, other than my almond milk that goes in my shakes!!
Here are some of the meals I ate...

Pesto Lemon Chicken Pasta
Black Bean, corn, and edamame salad

Turkey Meatloaf made with salsa and veggie stir-fry

Plain Greek Yogurt with Kiwi, 1/4 cup kashi go lean mixed berry cereal

Quinoa Salad and turkey meatloaf

 I am so excited for my weigh in Tuesday and measurements to see how much has changed with T25 in the past 4 ½ weeks!! Other than the challenge group I am in now  with my group, I have a couple other groups, and my one group hit their 60 day mark!  I am so beyond excited about their results because they are not just looking at the scale, they are looking at their overall health!!  This means so much to me, because I feel they are learning the right way!  This is how to make it a lifestyle!! This is what they had to say about their 60 day mark…
I think you can say I am one proud coach for what my challengers have accomplished!! 
Are you interested in getting into the best shape of your life, along with getting rid of all those bad habits that stop you from reaching your goals?! 
I am starting a BODY BEAST challenge group starting Aug 26th for men and women!! This group is about lifting weights, speeding up that metabolism, learning healthy eating habits, and keeping yourself accountable to reach your goals and I will be the one to motivate you throughout your journey!!
Watch this video to see what its all about!! 
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