Friday, December 14, 2012

Goals met, time for new goals for the new year!!

Now that I officially met my goals after 120 days of my new transformation challenge, I need to make new ones... There is nothing wrong with adding goals when you have met others! It only keeps you motivated!  I managed to meet my goal weight, measurements, and energy level!! So my transformation started when I weighed 158 lbs.  My goal was 135, and now that I am there, my new goal is not scale based.  Obviously weight is just a number, because I thought I would look different than what I do.  Im much happier with myself, but thought I would be more toned.  So that is my goal... I will continue to take pictures to visually reach my goal!!  I will continue on my journey of independent beach body coaching, while working out to TURBO FIRE, BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT, LES MILLS COMBAT, maybe some more INSANITY and P90 X, and definetely continue to drink my favorite meal of the day SHAKEOLOGY!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Story

I started a new fitness challenge in hope to not only change the way I feel about myself and staying healthy, but to show other people how eating healthy and exercising can make such a big impact on your life.  I have attempted a challenge before one year ago when I started INSANITY, but was 2 weeks out from finishing when I injured my back.  Since then, I had my second child, and gained more weight.  I want to see the improvements I was with my first attempt at Insanity, but I was determined I was going to finish this time and see even more results!  I am hoping to show others that if someone like me with issues with emotional eating and a busy life at home ( 2 small kids one 18 month old, 1 1 month old, school, and a job), then anyone can do this!!! I wanted to lose weight, tone up, and gain energy to run around all day with my children and feel more confident in myself and look better for my husband who will support me through this by throwing away the icecream and telling me "NO, your working too hard to quit and ruin your diet" when I am at my low of the day and want to binge. 
Week 1 was a big challenge .. I completed all workouts of Insanity. I took many breaks.. I had some difficulty with eating clean. It is very hard to get used to eating so healthy after eating so poorly. I had 1 bad day of eating. I'm pretty good with picking the right choice of food when I want to. I'm learning new recipes which will help!  I need to change eating at night. I was doing pretty good this week but I need to stop eating 2 to 3 hours prior to going to bed. let's see how this week will do for me! I also did reach my goal of losing 2 pounds this week ! it's hard to say I have more energy because I'm not sleeping good night since I have a newborn that wakes up a couple times at night.

After week 4, day 30, I could tell a difference in my body, but still ways to go before meeting my goals.  The workouts were still difficult, but I found myself slowly being able to do certain exercises easier and finishing them without breaking as often!  My family/friends were seeing a small difference with my body changes, but I was definetely gaining more engery and self-esteem.  I realized having ONE off meal per week would really pay off, and having the off meal during the day is much better than at night. 

Upon completing my 90 day challenge, 12 weeks later, I was full of energy, able to finish my workouts much easier with better form, and starting to be more comfortable in my body! I completed 60 days of INSANITY and 30 days of P90X through team beachbody and feel great!!  I also have drank SHAKEOLOGY shakes from day 1 and has made such an impact on my life!!  I no longer have those late night cravings of icecream, chocolate, or any other junk food, and feel less bloated!!  I realized after my team beach body coach helped me get through my challenge and guided me through my obstacles, I really wanted to pay it forward to others that want the same type of goals... to lose weight, tone up, eat clean, and have self-esteem!!  So I went through with it and became a team beach body coach!  I now LOVE what I am doing by helping others transform themselves into healthier people that are happy and have self-control!!

April 3rd, 2013
I am now 8 months into working out on a regular basis and eating clean.  Wow, a lot had changed!  I have gone through binges, missed workouts, but I never gave up.. I push and push and 9 months after having my second child, I am at my goal weight (smaller than before I had children) and am so happy with my body!! I have worked out to  Insanity, P90XTurbo Fire, Les Mills Combat, and now currently on day 17 of my 21 day ULTIMATE RESET!
I will say I was about  7 lbs from my goal weight and still had areas where I knew I could lose, but I just hit that plateau.. Everyone comes to a point where they need to change things up.  This was exactly what I needed!! Since it takes 21 days to get into a habit, I figured I will do this and hope I get rid of my cravings, get rid of those extra pounds, and tone up!! I have NEVER been able to see the muscles in my body that I can now... my arms and shoulders, my back, my abs, and even legs!! I see veins I never thought I had!! I am just so much more happier and confident and can definitely thank Beachbody!!! 
I love what beach body has done for me that I have been a coach now for almost 5 months and LOVE helping others get results that they have wanted so bad!! I love coaching because not only can I give to others what I learned about clean eating and exercise, but it keeps me to maintain my health and well-being!! I stay motivated by helping others and when I see people with results, I literally light up!! It is such an amazing thing to see people transform into such happy, confident, an healthier people with healthy lifestyles that completely change their outlook on life!!  People say you are meant to be on this planet for a reason.. and I know mine is to help people live healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles and I am completely content with that!!
If you are interested in becoming a coach and helping people live healthier lifestyles and set your own work schedule and be your own boss, this video may make your decision much easier!! I have never had so much fun working.. and from home!!

 What is a Beach Body Coach?