Friday, December 14, 2012

Goals met, time for new goals for the new year!!

Now that I officially met my goals after 120 days of my new transformation challenge, I need to make new ones... There is nothing wrong with adding goals when you have met others! It only keeps you motivated!  I managed to meet my goal weight, measurements, and energy level!! So my transformation started when I weighed 158 lbs.  My goal was 135, and now that I am there, my new goal is not scale based.  Obviously weight is just a number, because I thought I would look different than what I do.  Im much happier with myself, but thought I would be more toned.  So that is my goal... I will continue to take pictures to visually reach my goal!!  I will continue on my journey of independent beach body coaching, while working out to TURBO FIRE, BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT, LES MILLS COMBAT, maybe some more INSANITY and P90 X, and definetely continue to drink my favorite meal of the day SHAKEOLOGY!!