Wednesday, August 14, 2013



I am in my last week of ALPHA round of T25 and so far, so good!! I did my 30 day measurements and was not excited about gaining 3 pounds, but on a good not, I lost 3 inches!! This comes to show, you can no go only by the scale!! I know I can still lose a few, but I am excited that I am toning, especially in my abdominal area, which can be tough!!

I have been keeping up with my workouts, and it helps to have Shaun T in my house cheering me on!!  This was a gift I received from beach body for hitting SUCCESS CLUB yet another month!! So far, I have hit success club every month this year, and I got to keep it going!! 

My eating habits are pretty good, although I know I can be a little stricter, which I am starting that now and really get lean for this next 30 days.. My husband and I had a date night, and I did have an alcoholic beverage.. ok 2… BUT stuck to my vodka and water with a lemon!! It does the job for me!! I still made healthy choices eating wise, I had a black bean spinach wrap with veggies and some sweet potato fries.. I know the fries were not the greatest choice, but better than regular right?!? I did not have the whole serving either! As my husband had dessert, I watched and enjoyed not having it because I know I did not need those extra calories! Plus, its only a temporary satisfaction, so I was ok without it!!

I am ready to have another awesome 30 days here, and am loving T25 for just 25 min a day!! I will say, I am a mommy of 2, I have 2 jobs, a husband, and home to take care of, BUT I still make time to be healthy for myself and my family!! 

NO EXCUSE when you can do a 25 minute workout 5 days a week!!
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