Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Focus T25 and tips on how to reach your Fitness goals!!

I cannot believe I only have 2.5 more weeks of FOCUS T25!! It has been an awesome journey so far!! I have been right on with my workouts, and meals have been great other than this holiday weekend, BUT its over and Im back in the game!!  Some people tend to fall off track after having a bad weekend, but it is important to stay focused and keep your goals in mind!! You won’t reach them by wishing that’s for sure!!

Here is how I make sure I stay on track throughout the week:
  • Meal plan- I plan out what I eat each week, then I am not left confused and out of time and full of excuses!!
  • Pack extra snacks- If you pack extra just in case of an emergency, you are again, not going to run into excuses of I had nothing good in front of me!
  • WATER- Drink water, and have extra with you!! You should be having your body weight divided by 2 and make it into ounces!! That is what you should have DAILY!!
  • Eat every 3 hours- Keep your metabolism going! Fuel your body with energy!! If you go too long without eating, your body will eventually go into starvation mode and start using muscle and store fat!! We are trying to get rid of it, not keep it!!
  • Eat breakfast – EVERY day!!!! If you eat breakfast daily, you are again, increasing your metabolism, you stay full longer, and you tend to crave less!! I use SHAKEOLOGY as my breakfast because it is an entire meal replacement full of dense nutrition (ALL NATURAL) and easy and convenient!! If you don’t  have time, this is perfect!! If your not use to eating breakfast, this again is perfect!!
  • Exercise regularly- Exercising at least 3 times a week is going to help increase your metabolism and help you build muscle!! Muscle burns fat right?!? You want to be strong right?? You want to look younger right?? Here you go!!
  • Sleep- If you do not get enough sleep, you are adding stress to your body which then prevents people from losing weight.  Try to get at least 8 hrs of sleep a night and make sure it’s a good sleep! Turn off the tv and your 3 alarms.. FYI my husband does this and its quite annoying.. lol If you wake up to turn off your alarm, you never go back to a full blown sleep, so why do it every 5 min?!?! JUST WAKE UP THE FIRST TIME !!! HAHA this seriously gets me EVERY time!!
  • Last but not least STAY POSITIVE!!! So seriously, if you don’t have a positive mindset, you will eventually talk yourself out of anything!! You HAVE to be positive and BELIEVE in yourself or you will NOT succeed!! Bottom line! When you stay positive, you automatically talk your-self into up and work harder! If you have a hard time staying positive on your own, join a challenge group where you have others around you giving you support and encouragement!! I run challenge groups every month and they turn out successful every time!! My challengers get AMAZING results and end up with higher self-esteem, confidence they never had, and POSITIVE outlook!!! You never know until you try!! What’s the worst that can happen, you find a new lifestyle and body?! Doesn’t sound bad to me!!!

This is my before and after picture which I actually won 500$ for my transformation by Beach Body!! I was in challenge groups myself and continued coaching others in my own challenge groups to help keep myself motivated and accountable for reaching my goals! I followed my tips above and I succeeding!! Now it's your turn!!

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