Saturday, September 21, 2013

Getting over the Fear of Failing!

As I talk with people (my fellow coaches and challengers), I am seeing many people are getting held back by the fear of failing.  I know thinking of failing can be very scary, BUT isn't it failing if you don't even try?
Whether it be physical or mental, you never know what you can accomplish until you do it.  Here is just an example.  I was sent a message and asked if I can do a one-handed hand stand. .. Right away I'm thinking heck, I use to do them all the time.  I would practice and practice and was able to without a problem.  
So I figured, Im in better shape than ever so I asked my husband to take a picture for me while I do it! His answer was... Um.. that's too hard you are not going to pull that off but good luck.  
If that was not the motivation I needed, then I don't know what was! 
My next step was not to let him get to me and end it with I can't... HECK NO!! That was exactly what I needed to hear. I took it and made it positive.  I ran upstairs, got workout clothes on, and started going.. Yes, I fell a couple times, BUT this girl here got right back up! When someone tells me I cannot do something, I use that as a motive to work harder, to prove people wrong, and to make them feel sorry for doubting me! As he watched me over and over.. fall a couple times, then saw I was actually able to hold myself up, it was like he had completely did a 180! He was so impressed and then said, "I'm sure I can do this too, it can't be too hard."  Then made his attempt. After he was unable to do it, it was like he had this respect for me that he did not have when he was doubting me inside.  
Once you show people you are not afraid of failing, and you practice and work hard towards what you truly want to achieve, things change and you are viewed in a different way.. Like you have gained more respect from the people around you.
I do not believe in quitting.. failure.. or letting people make the answer for you.
Everything you act upon is completely YOUR decision and will only have an affect on YOU! 
Me quitting and just saying, ya your right, I can't do that. would only let him win, and me never know if I am truly capable of accomplishing this!  If you fear you are not going to have the ability to follow through, again, you will never know and yes, failing will be in your future.  Failing is one thing NOT in my future.. WHY?? Because I know I have complete control and I will NOT allow failure to happen!

Then once I was able to do my one move I wanted to do so bad, I move one.. WHY STOP THERE!? Once you set goals and reach them.. you set more goals! If you don't set goals, life would be totally boring right?! So what I do is set more and more goals, once those are achieved, I move on to something else.
What I am getting at is.. The sky is the limit! 

Live life full of energy, making goals, practicing at the things that mean the most to you, and reach your goals! The feeling of accomplishment is the most amazing feeling that EVERYONE should be able to feel! There is a trick to this as well.. To reach your goals you need one thing.. POSITIVITY!!
If you stay positive and believe in yourself, you will go all the way.. If you doubt yourself and do not stay positive, you are setting yourself up for failure!

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