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Weekly Meal Plan, Exercise, and Goals!

I cannot believe the end of September is here already!! Although I love summer, I am really looking forward to watching the leaves fall, and dressing my boys up to go to pumpkin patches and hay rides!! I just went this morning to get one of my sons' Halloween costume that is sooo adorable, but of course he will not try it on!! AHHH! 

So other than my family time I am excited for, I am also ready to begin another awesome week of staying fit and maintaining my health and appearance! Every Sunday, I make a meal plan for the entire week, I make a grocery list, and go to the store and get everything I need!  After I get home, I am on a mission to cook all my food! I love doing easy snacks and meals because it saves me hours in the kitchen and I can take that time and put it towards time with my family! So in reality, I literally just took from 9 am until 130 pm to do everything and now I am worry free for the week!! 

Meal planning has been one of the best things I could have ever started because it sets me up for success, and gives me NO excuse to miss a meal, or fall off the wagon!! Everything is right in front of me!! 
Here is my plan for the week: As you see, I make a couple meals and just use them a few times so I am not wasting food, but saving money!!

Sept 23rd-sept 30th

Insanity Class
Body Beast
Total Body Circuit
Pole Fitness

Meal 1

Almond Fudge
Egg whites, kale with pine nuts, 1 slice Ezekiel bread

Shakeology choco peanut butter
Egg Whites, kale, pine nuts, 1 slice Ezekiel bread
Shakeology (almond fudge)
Shakeology (vanilla almond)
Banana protein bar (with vanilla shakeolog)-Blog

1 apple, 1 oz raw almonds

1 apple, 1 oz raw almonds
1 apple, 1 oz raw almonds
Greek yogurt with fresh fruit drizzle pure maple syrup
Greek yogurt with fresh fruit
Greek yogurt with fresh fruit drizzle pure maple syrup
Meal 2

Greek salad cucumber/ tomato salad (blog)
Greek salad, cucumber/ tomato salad
Left over chicken alfredo with spaghetti squash
Grilled chicken, greek salad
Left over
Crock pot black bean and sweet potato turkey chili (blog)
Mediterranean cheese sandwhich (blod)
Mediterranean cheese sandwhich (blod)

3 Hard boiled eggs, wheat crackers
Raw veggies and hummus
Raw veggies and hummus
3 hard boiled eggs, 4 whole wheat crackers
1 apple. Almonds 1 oz
Peppers and hummus
Peppers and hummus
Meal 4

Chicken Alfredo with spaghetti squash
Chicken Alfredo with spaghetti squash
Crock pot black bean and sweet potato turkey chili (blog)
Crock pot black bean and sweet potato turkey chili (blog)
Greek Salad , grilled chicken
Off meal
Pot Roast, with whole wheat noodles

Banana protein icecream (blog)
Kale chips
Kale chips
1 rice cake with natural peanut butter
1 rice cake with 1 tbsp natural peanut butter
Banana protein icecream (blog)
2 shakeo balls (blog)

I made more than enough Chicken Alfredo with spaghetti squash for my husband and kids to eat today for lunch and they literally ate every bit on their plate!! I love being able to cook healthy for my family and they do not even realize it! 

Another meal that I made today was simple, hardly any work at all, but healthy! Crock Pot Black bean and Sweet Potato Turkey Chili! You literally throw ingredients in and walk away!! These are the kind of meals I like! I usually do an easy recipe with another that requires a little more work, so it evens itself out!

One of my favorite meals that is easy and convenient, especially with my busy schedule with 3 jobs, kids to daycare, exercise, and other family tasks, I use SHAKEOLOGY!
Shakeology is a meal replacement shake that gives you all the nutrition you need in just 1 meal! You get your servings of fruits and veggies, your multi-vitamin (yes, no more buying multi-vitamins), and is ALL natural, NON-GMO, Gluten FREE, and even low on the glycemic index, so diabetics can use this shake and improve their blood sugars and A1C!! 
I have used shakeology once daily for the past year, and never gone away from it,  Within 2 weeks, I felt an increase in my energy levels, and my digestion improved, along with my cravings subsiding! 

What other benefits does Shakeology have:
  • Increase in energy
  • Improve your digestion
  • Improve your immune system and immune response
  • Curb your cravings
  • Lower your blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Improve heart health
What nutrients are in Shakeology that help so many different areas?
  • Proteins and amino acids: Help build lean muscles, heals wounds, improves skin and hair, supports optimum brain function and mental clarity, reduce cravings, and improves your mood
  • Antioxidants: helps reduce damage in the body caused by free radicals and lowers the chance of heart disease, high blood pressure, dementia, and arthritis
  • Phytonutrients: Helps boost immune system, helps fight diseases, detoxifies the body with alkalizing agents, slow the aging process
  • Adaptogens: Protects the body from stress and helps balance endocrine hormones and the immune system
  • Prebiotics: Helps promote better intestinal health by aiding the digestive process
  • Digestive enzymes: Helps the body break down foods and increase absorption of nutrients
Pretty intense right?! 
Since 70-80% of your weight loss and health goals come from nutrition, it is highly  important to eat clean, and get the proper nutrition every day.  This is one meal every day I do not have to ever worry about! No shopping at the store because it comes to my front door every month. No need to cook 1 meal, I throw it in a blender and drink it! 
If you are interested in starting Shakeology as a part of your daily nutrition, go to:

CLICK HERE to watch a short clip of what SHAKEOLOGY is about!

If you are looking to not only improve your nutrition, but get into a great exercise and healthy routine, you can join my next challenge group starting Oct 14th! You get 1:1 coaching with me to help you learn everything you need to know about clean eating, exercise, and living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. My groups are 60-90 days long and is a perfect way for you to reach your ultimate health and fitness goals!  
This is a great way to get the support and motivation to keep you going. Sometimes the gym keeps you at a plateau and you don't see the results you want, no matter how long you work at it. 
Switching your routine up may be what you need and from experience, tricking your body is the best way to reach your goals! 
Message me for details on my challenge group BATTLE OF THE BULDGE!!

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