Thursday, September 26, 2013

Battle of the Bulge Fitness Challenge

I am so excited to announce my upcoming FITNESS CHALLENGE starting OCT 14TH!! BATTLE OF THE BULDGE!! Summer is over and it's time to move on to bigger and better things, like our health and fitness goals!!
Whether you go to the gym, or do not work out at all, there is still room for maintenance, improvement, and results!  Many people think the only way to reach their goal is by going to the gym, working out for 2 hrs every day, or not eating enough calories and depleting their body of all the nutrition they really need!

This is NOT true! Anyone who says this is how to get real results, it is false advertisement!  I have been involved in health and fitness now for 10 yrs, right out of high school and I have been passionate about it ever since! I have realized, you do not need 2 hrs a day to workout, and you do need to eat to keep your metabolism going strong! Its like feeding fuel to a car to make it run... same concept with your body. Food is your fuel and if you feed it the right foods, your body will run like a champ!!

So what is a challenge group???
It is a 90 day challenge that I hold in a closed group on facebook.  I have 5 people in the group so I can work 1:1 with them to help them reach their ultimate health and fitness goals.  It does not matter if you are male or female, need to lose 10, 20, or 70 lbs, this challenge group is for everyone! Depending on what your goals are, your preference is, and your activity level will depend on what program you would chose.  We have programs of all kinds to help every person wanting to achieve their goals.  For instance, INSANITY is a high intensity program that is 60 days long and ranges from 35 min to 60 min.  It is cardio and no weights are required. If you want weight training, there are programs such as P90X, BODY BEAST, and if you want a variety, you would maybe go with FOCUS T25! Many females love the dancing cardio, so TURBO FIREor TURBO JAM would be great! Those are just to name a few.  Along with using a workout program, I incorporate nutrition to help maximize your results by using SHAKEOLOGY, our health meal replacement shake.

Shakeology is unlike other fad shakes because
#1 It is a complete meal replacement
#2 Shakeology improves your overall health- increases your energy level, improves your digestive system, immune system, decreases your cravings, improves your blood pressure and cholesterol, and removes toxins from your body
#3 Shakeology is made from WHOLE FOODS and is broken down at a temperature to where the nutrients are not stripped away
#4 You no longer need a MULTI VITAMIN because every vitmain and mineral in your vitamin is right here for you! (SAVE $$)
#5 There are sooo many recipes to use with Shakeology- You can add fruit, peanut butter, coffee, (literally anything). When you order shakeology, you get a month calendar of recipes for each flavor you get!
There's more! You can make no bake cookies, ice cream, energy bars, Reese cups, or even a pie!! BUT ITS HEALTHY!!
This is just a few benefits of using Shakeology, but I will say, nutrition is 70-80% of your weight loss/results, so it is extremely important to have a regimen down so you can stay consistent, and reach your goals!
Instead of going to fast food, save money, and get better nutrition and better results!
Here is a short clip on SHAKEOLOGY
Now you see WHY we value our Shakeology so much? You do not get this much nutrition in ANY other shake!! Easy.. Convenient.. and satisfying!!

So now you know the importance of using both exercise and nutrition, so now lets put it all together.. Here is what you get out of my 90 day Challenge:
1:1 personal training from me
Hold you accountable to reach your goals
Nutrition and fitness tips
Meal planning
A transformation you will NEVER REGRET!

I would love to be a part of your journey to success!! 

This is how I made my transformation ...

Are you willing to take the step be be next?

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