Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Month, New Opportunities! Time to reach your fitness goals!

Happy October 1st!! Can you believe it is time to put away summer clothes and pull of the comfy sweats and long sleeves?! One way I stay positive is to think of it as a new month and time for a new opportunity to arise!!

Last night, we had FIT Club at my house and it was a great time! Its a great way to keep everyone motivated and excited to continue their journey to a healthy lifestyle! That is what I do! I give free 1:1 coaching and help with meal plans, and give exercise and nutrition tips to help everyone reach their fitness and health goals! Of course I had my E&E (energy and endurance) prior to our workout to give me a boost!

I take my E&E 15-30 min prior to working out and then I go for it! I instructed Insanity last night and I am so glad I got certified to instruct because I have so much fun with it!!! Its a great experience and goes with my passion to be healthy and fit!
We had a great group last night!! They worked so hard... I could tell by the sweat pouring off their bodies!! LOL...

Who says you can't get an awesome total body workout at home and in only 30 min?!

Oh these ladies kicked butt!! And we ended with our healthiest meal of the day, SHAKEOLOGY! You get your nutrients, protein, complex carbs, whole food, non GMO, natural SHAKEOLOGY! We had Chocolate Peanut butter, and banana shake!
1 scoop chocolate Shakeology
1 tablespoon Natural Peanut BUTTER
1 tbsp PB2
1/2 banana
8 oz almond milk
10 oz ice

If you would like 1:1 coaching with me to help you reach all you health and fitness goals, Message me for details on my next fitness challenge!
Deidra.penrose@yahoo.com or
find me on facebook @ facebook.com/deidra.penrose

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