Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How can you relieve your STRESS in a HEALTHY WAY??

So today is the perfect day to question everyone on how you relieve your stress!
There are different ways, some healthy and some not-so-healthy ways... I was bad and went the unhealthy way out, but could have been worse!!
So I come across so many people (as I also was guilty of this at one time) who are huge STRESS EATERS!  Talk about killing those goals you have right?? I know we have stressful moments, but you have to keep in mind you still have goals! As much as we stress each day, if we rely on food to comfort us in our stressful times, how are we ever going to reach our goals?!

When you are feeling the need to munch on food just because you are stressed, or even bored, DRINK WATER!! Realize you are not hungry and you do not need the extra calories!! Soon enough, you train your body into not needing to eat those extra snacks or meals and you can enjoy being healthy and happy with your appearance and health!

One thing I did today was STRESS SHOP! I know some of us have a slight issue with loving clothes and shoes!! I personally love to shop for workout clothes!  Although shopping can be bad, especially if you do it too often, it can mess with your bank account and even family! That is a NO NO!! Do not let your stress get the best of you! Allow yourself to window shop, or give yourself a limit before you go, so you do not binge shop.  For me, I was successful and thankful that I do not live near Macy's or Banana Republic and I can stick to my good ol Target!!

What is the best thing you can do to relieve your stress?!? Of course... EXERCISE!!!
Your body releases endorphins which cause you to by happy! You will gain energy, feel a sense of accomplishment!! What better thing to do when you feel bad is to make yourself feel good!!? The hardest part is getting started.. Once you tell yourself it will be worth it.. it will get you closer to your goals.. the rest will come easier! Do it for that moment that you realized your clothes are fitting lose, you are getting
compliments about your weight loss or the difference in your definition. The more you do to prevent stress, the less stressed you will be! Make yourself happy, confident, successful with your goals! You are the only person that has total control of your situation and the outcome of your situation.  It is up to you to be happy, healthy, and successful..
It is up to you if you are ready to commit to yourself and start reaching high for your achievements!

If you want to commit and get your body to where you have wanted, join my fitness challenge which will consist of 1:1 coaching for FREE, help with meal planning and prepping, fitness and nutrition tips, recipes, and more! Exercise... nutrition,... you will get it all! Get ready for a 100% commitment to get 100% transformation!!
I help you track your progress through your journey and will keep you motivated, and hold you accountable for reaching your goals!

I am so proud of my challengers who have put so much dedication into themselves to be in a place where they are happy, healthy, and successful!!  These ladies have completed TURBO FIRE (cardio and dancing),  FOCUS T25 (high intense 25 min workouts with cardio and weights), CHALEAN EXTREME (cardio, weights, dancing all in one), LES MILLS PUMP (weight training), and drank SHAKEOLOGY (our health shake full of dense nutrition) to get their amazing results!!

Do you see WHY I love my job?!? These are just a few of many success stories that started in my challenge group and have literally changed their entire lives.. 
Some have:
Stopped smoking
Got off medication for Crohn's disease
Got rid of migraines 
Got rid of side effects of Lyme's disease
Got rid of pain issues with Arthritis
Increased their self confidence
Improved their image about themselves!! 


If you are ready to join my 30, 60, or 90 day BEACH BODY Challenge, message me for details
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