Monday, October 7, 2013

How to Get Into the Best Shape of Your Life!

Have you tried almost every FAD diet out there and it ended in gaining your weight back, or even more? I am here to tell you that FAD diets do not ever work, or at least not FOREVER.  It is time to find a routine that works for you.. something you can life off of forever and not worry about that yo-yo dieting!
I have a few tips that seem so easy, but can seem so difficult, but can actually be very simple! Let's get right to the point.  My goal is for you to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, but also enjoy the foods you eat, without feeling like you are in food jail!  Statistics show, when you give yourself a little of want to crave or want, you are less likely to go on a binge or fall off the wagon!
So here we go:

Exercise regularly- Exercising 3-5 times a week around 30 min-1 hr a day will increase your metabolism and help build muscle, which also helps increase your metabolism! You do not need to workout 2 hrs a day.. That is only going to wear you out so quick and make you not enjoy working out at all.. If you eat properly, you do not need the extra work on your body!
Sticking to an exercise program really helps you to stay motivated and accountable! Since I am a health and fitness coach for Beach Body, I love doing each program because it gives me a complete schedule of what I should do.. less thinking and more doing!!  Also for people who do not have the time to run to the gym, these programs are home DVD's and can be done at your convenience (kids are napping or before they wake up, or before you go to work) and you still sweat like a pig and build muscle! There are different workouts for individuals with different levels of intensity needs, and abilities.
Click HERE to view the available workouts

Eating clean is very important.  When I say eat clean, I mean foods that were not processed and made in a factory.. You can find these "clean foods" usually on the outsides of the grocery stores... Your fresh veggies, lean meats and proteins, fruits, etc.  Try to stay away from the canned food, as you will notice extra ingredients and added sodium to these foods, which we do not need! These cause extra bloating, and more cravings!
*TIP- when you are looking for foods to buy at the store, the less ingredients on the back, the better chance they are healthy and safe to eat!
Try to eat every 3 hrs, so you stay satisfied, less chance of binge eating, and keep that metabolism going strong!
Stay away from eating 2-3 hrs before bed.. Your body will be resting and the extra calories are more likely to be stored as fat.  If you are hungry, eat some complex carbs (veggies) or lean protein where it is easier to digest!
One way I stick to clean eating that has helped me tremendously on reaching my goals is by using SHAKEOLOGY, a meal replacement HEALTH SHAKE! This is NOT a diet shake..
This is my meal that I know has all natural ingredients that gives me benefits such as increase in energy, decrease in my cravings, boost in immune system, and improve my heart health! Shakeology is NON GMO, Gluten Free, and low on the glycemic index, so it is great for Diabetics! What a way to level out your blood sugar and also get all the nutrients you need just in one shake!
This is how powerful Shakeology is... 1 shake is compared to making 6 trips to the salad bar! Pretty intense huh? Give it 2 weeks to use Shakeology consistently and you will notice a significant difference in your energy level and cravings!
Why do I love these shakes? I get my nutrients daily that i know I do not get enough of in the food I eat on a regular basis which is how you decrease cravings, they are quick and very convenient, especially being a busy mom of 2 with 2 jobs! I wake up, get the kids ready and myself, and make my shake and eat my breakfast while taking them to daycare!
P.S. It feels pretty awesome to get my chocolate in and not feel guilty while drinking it!!
Click to watch a short clip on SHAKEOLOGY-Doctors Don't Lie

Drink Water- I cannot tell you enough how important it is to drink your water every day! People have these thoughts that they are constantly hungry, but in reality, a lot of these cravings are from dehydration and not getting enough water!
HOW MUCH WATER SHOULD YOU DRINK DAILY?? Take your weight divided by 2, and turn that number into ounces.. that is how much water you should have daily..
Ex. I weight 130.. take 130/2 and get 65.. now use ounces.. so 65 ounces is what I should be in taking daily in water!
One way I get my water in is by drinking 15-20 ounces 30 minutes before each meal.. This not only helps me get my fluid in, but drinking prior to eating helps you determine when you are full, rather than drinking while you eat.. You do not realize you are full until 30 min after eating, so drinking water will help indicate the need for additional food! I learned this by doing a cleanse called ULTIMATE RESET which is also by Beach Body!  It is 21 days long and focuses on clean eating and taking away toxins from your body! It is a strict meal plan and even gives you the recipes and grocery list you need! The reset is also to help lower your cholesterol and learn on how to eat when you are truly hungry! I learned so much from this and recommend to anyone interested in a cleanse or kick starting their healthy lifestyle!
Back to water!! So some of you may not like plain water, so what other options do you have??? Add lemon to your water or even fresh fruit or veggies such as cucumber! Nothing like more cleansing and a little flavor to your water!! I am a lemon person and love drinking my lemon water, especially in the morning!!

Sleep- I know many of us do not get the sleep we need and I am totally guilty of this! But I know that when you do get your 8 hrs, you are more refreshed, have a clearer mind, and are more on track with your though process... No joke, its completely true! When you wear your body down, you are not giving your mind the opportunity to be on track.  When you get your 7 or 8 hrs of sleep, you are more likely to complete tasks quicker and not as half a**ed!

Last but not least STAY POSITIVE!!! Can I tell you how much you impact yourself?? If you tell yourself, for the most part, it will happen.. You put yourself down and say you cannot do it, You will most likely, not succeed.. So, how do we change this around?? By changing your entire way of thinking!
If you start the day with your glass half full, and say you CAN do it, you will work harder and more efficiently.  You have to believe in yourself in order to achieve.. Let me ask you this.... if you don't believe in yourself, how do you expect others to?? EXACTLY! Its time to put your big girl or boy pants on, start thinking positive, and start working towards your goals!! Your goals are not achieved by wishing or complaining!
I know I can be a little hard core and military like, BUT I know how this works and I know what needs to be done to reach your goals! I am not here to play around, I'm here to help you transform yourself into what you may have thought at one time was impossible!

If you are ready to begin this transformation, join me in my 60 or 90 day fitness challenge to get into the best shape of your life! Yes, you can do this all at home, no paying for gym memberships, personal trainers, or babysitters..I will coach you through your journey and give you tips and guide you to success!  If you are ready to start the challenge, email me @
or find me on facebook @ www,

I am looking forward to helping you to your journey of success!!

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