Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Day in My Shoes as a Mommy and Beach Body Coach!

I want to give you a little idea of how I spend my day.. This is not including working my job as a nurse, but as a Beach Body Coach and as a Mommy! This is my life and I enjoy every minute of it!! I love that I can be  my own boss in my business, and work at my own pace! I can be at home with my kids, and enjoy them growing up!

We actually woke up at 7am.. I swear my kids have an alarm in their head! I got them downstairs and we made breakfast!
I make a healthy breakfast that includes protein, good source of carbohydrates, and simple carbs to get your body revved up for the day!!

These Protein Berry Pancakes are made with egg whites and oatmeal, vanilla, and cinnamon! You cook it just like a pancake and top it off with fresh fruit and drizzle raw honey or agave nectar to give it a little extra flavor!
This is a great breakfast that even the kids love!

Ok we are sooo getting into the Halloween Spirit!! ARE YOU?!!?

After breakfast, I took the boys to day care, so I can work some with Beach Body.  I have a very busy month, running Challenge Groups, Apprenticeships, Cup Challenge, and working a lot with my coaches, along with keeping up with my business center and my hubby's! So kids went to play and learn while mommy does some work at home! I was able to focus and get lots done!!

Got in my workout Turbo Fire (one of my all-time FAVORITE workouts), and burned some calories!
Of course, to get me going, I use my E&E to give me some extra energy!

After my workout, I got my second meal in... SHAKEOLOGY! My favorite meal and also the healthiest! I get all my nutrients I need that I do not normally get from my every day meals! Shakeology helps with my cravings, energy level, immune system, digestive system, and heart health! I am a huge chocolate fan, so what better way to help your cravings, than actually eating chocolate, but in a healthy way!?  Since, I drink Shakeology, I actually do not even need a mult-vitamin, because my 23 vitamins and minerals are in every shake!

One of my favorite Shakeology recipes is Vanilla Almond Fudge!!

1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology
12 oz ice
8 oz almond milk
1 tbsp Almond butter
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

I was able to get some work done and of course before you know it, lunch is here! I feel like all I do is eat half of the time lol! But I am definitely keeping my metabolism going that is for sure!!
For lunch, I had a HUGE Greek Salad!! I add lots of feta, kalamata olives, and by the time I add those in, my calories are about ran up for that meal!! I also make a home made Greek Dressing that is in my Clean Eating Recipes tab! It is soooo absolutely easy to make and amazing in taste!!
Back to work I go.. I had phone calls with coaches and potential customers.. Read my personal development, which not only helps me and my business, but me as a person! My job is so much fun! I communicate with lots of people who want to be healthy and have the same hobbies I do! It a happy environment and love it!  I checked in with all 4 of my challenge groups and made sure they are all on top of things!! 
As I finish up with my work, time to pick up the boys and go to the pumpkin patch to enjoy QT with the family!! The boys loved picking pumpkins (although they wanted all of them lol) and set them out outside! On my way to the pumpkin patch, I ate my snack.. Raw peppers and hummus and a light string cheese!! Perfect for the car ride!!

I love that my Beach Body job gives my the ability to stop what I am doing, to take my kids places and spend time with them as I need! I have no one to answer to and I make my own hrs and work! I will not be that mother who is working so much, she misses out on opportunities with kids and holidays! Not anymore at least! As a nurse, I was working 12 hr days, every other holiday, lots of weekends, and missed out on lots.. I now am part time, and 1 holiday a year with my nursing job.. With Beach Body, I work when and where I want!
My kids come first and I am soooo glad that I can finally show it!!
Ok dinner time!!

 How about some Black Bean Burgers on 100% whole wheat buns and baked Parmesan Zucchini!! So it was my first time making the Black Bean Burgers and the taste was great! I honestly was not a fan of the texture though.. I think it was because I am used to biting into a burger that is thicker and harder to bite down on and chew, rather than soft beans that are already mashed..
I guess my black beans will stay in my chili and black bean, corn, and edamame salad!!

 After dinner, clean up, kids for a bath, and story time, and relax time!! It was a great and successful day, and ready to hit the sack for another great day tomorrow!!  Kids to bed at 9pm, and time to check in with my groups one more time before I hit the sack!!

As a mommy of 2, 2 1/2 jobs (also a school nurse relief), and a wife... I still make time for what is important to me.. My health! If I do not stay healthy, my husband and kids are most likely not going to make the healthy choices that I would.  My husband does not cook, so they would probably live off of cereal and mac n cheese!!
I have to be a role model and lead by example, how to live healthy, and successful, so they can grow up and do the same!

What example are you setting for your children and family? Are you living a healthy lifestyle?  Teaching them young so they inherit your good and healthy traits?

If you want to learn to live a healthy lifestyle and eat clean, and exercise regularly, join my next fitness challenge and I will coach you 1:1 on how to live that healthy and fulfilling lifestyle so you can pass this on to the next generation! It does not matter how old or young you are.. I am here to guide you to success!!

If you are already working on that lifestyle and are interested in helping others into a healthy routine, join my team (#2 in the company) and get ready for the time of your life!! 
To join my team, message me for details on getting started today! 

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