Saturday, September 14, 2013

Focus T25 Transformation

Today is A great day! it is day 60 of my fitness challenge with focus t25! I am definitely feeling an increase in my energy levels, and my cravings are so much less than what they use to be! I honestly have never felt so good in my life! Although I thought i felt great with insanity, turbo fire, and other beach body workouts, between doing all of them and now finishing up t25, i feel like im in the best shape of my life! using SHAKEOLOGY has been a huge part of my success in fitness! I have been dedicated to drinking my shakes every single day, along with eating clean. 


weight 133
chest 35.5
waist 30
lower waist (I do this because women hold fat there the most) 30.5
hips 37
thigh (right) 20.75
thigh (left) 20.5
biceps (RIGHT) 11
biceps (left) 11

DAY 30 measurements:
weight 136 (yes +3 lbs!!)
chest 34.5
waist 29
lower waist 30
hips 36.5
thigh (right) 20.75
thigh (left) 20.5
bicpes (right) 11
biceps (left) 11

60 day measurements:
weight 131 (-5 lbs from day 30)
chest 34
waist 28
lower waist 30
hips 36.25
thigh (right) 20.75
thigh (left) 20.5
biceps (right) 11
biceps (left) 11

- 2 lbs from day 1, -5 lbs total (since i had a weight gain of 3 lbs from day 1 -day 30)

-5.75 inches total

these measurements show you cannot always go by the scale.. look at non scale success!
Are your clothes fitting better?
Are you losing inches?
Do you have more energy?
Are you learning how to eat healthy and regularly?
Are you sleeping better?
Are you more confident in yourself?
are you happy?

Put these into consideration.. they mean a lot and are more important than just looking at numbers.
I did this challenge group with my challengers. as a coach, i feel it is important to practice what you preach and be a role model for your challengers.. I am here to say its possible and I know these products work because i am living proof! I do not go to the gym, not do i have a babysitter and time to run my kids back and forth.  I found something that works for me and works well. my husband does it and loves both the workouts and shakes as well.

this is for men and women who are looking to get in shape, get healthy, change or improve eating habits, and learn!

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whether you have 10, 20, or 70 lbs to lose, my challenge group will get you there and i will get you to your goals! i give you every tool you need to succeed!
here was me when i first started a challenge group and i did them ever since!

Are you ready to take action?!

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