Tuesday, July 30, 2013

WEEK 3 DAY 1 complete!!!

Week 3 day 1 was a great success!! This is why I do what I do.. I FEEL AMAZING!!! I am so mad that I wasted time last week eating those extra meals, but no more dwelling, time to move on and be stronger than ever!! I got my total body circuit in (T25) in the morning, and also had FIT club and did Turbo Fire (Fire 45) and ohhh how I missed Turbo Fire and Chalene!!! She is definitely my motivator and just LOVE the energy with those workouts!! By far, my favorite workouts to do!!! 

I drank ONLY water the entire day and got my 64 oz in!!! MY meals:

  1. Breakfast- Egg Whites with 1 slice Ezekiel bread, little fat free cheese and 1 piece low sodium ham
  2. Snack- SHAKEOLOGY (chocolate with 1 tbsp Natural Peanut Butter)
  3. Lunch-Turkey Stuffed Peppers (used my banana Peppers from my garden) ½ sweet potato
  4. Snack- 3 oz grilled chicken
  5. Dinner-Spaghetti Squash (amazing!!!!)
  6. Snack post workout- Turkey stuffed peppers ( veggies and protein- light on sauce)

  • What helps me the most is eating ONLY every 3 hrs and NOT snacking in between.. You would be surprised on the extra calories that you add when you snack!!

  • Drinking a lot of water before your meals really helps you determine your hunger vs. thirst!

  • Not eating 3 hrs before bed will let you sleep better, and when you wake up, you are not bloated and have that YUCK feeling in your belly!!

  • If you are having problems sticking to healthy diet, try writing everything down, whether it be on paper, on your computer and printing it off, OR MYFITNESSPAL APP on your phone!! I love it and it really helps me with seeing the calories and other nutritional facts in the foods I am eating!!

**ADVICE- Make a meal plan, PREPARE ahead of time,  STICK WITH IT and BE PERSISTENT!! It will go a long way!!!! Make yourself happy and be happy with the body you live in!! You only get one so treat it with respect!!! 

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