Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vanilla Shakeology

People have been asking for 2 years, WHY NO VANILLA SHAKEOLOGY??? Since we value our shakes so much, co-founder of Beach Body Carl Daikeler , Isabelle Daikeler, and Darin Olien was not going to use just any ingredients to make SHAKEOLOGY.  They use ingredients from all over the world, but only where the soil and air is best for the crops to grow.  After searching and searching, the perfect Vanilla Bean was found in the jungles of Madagascar where the farmers hand pollinate delicate vanilla orchids, hand harvest the beans, and then sun cure them to bring out the  robust flavor, without removing the nutrition from the plant! 

What can SHAKEOLOGY do for you:
Give you ENERGY
Helps with WEIGHT LOSS
Reduce the risk of Heart Disease

Why Shakeology over other popular name brand shakes/diets? First off, I am a coach that helps people reach their health and fitness goals, whether it be losing weight, toning, or bulk.  What I do is NOT a diet… it is simply a LIFESTYLE!  I teach people to live off of what they do, eat regular food, not starving yourself, but keeping your metabolism increased, and getting enough nutrients in your body to stay healthy and add years to your life! 

Why SHAKEOLOGY? Shakeology is NOT a protein shake, it is a MEAL REPLACEMENT full of dense nutrition.  If you want to compare nutritional facts, that is perfectly fine, BUT I assure you, you will not be getting the answer by looking just at nutritional content.  Look at the ingredients you are taking in, and the benefits of each ingredient.  If you have any education on nutrition, you will notice EVERY ingredient (over 70) are ALL NATURAL, NON GMO, and EVERY single ingredient has some kind of benefit to your body.  Our VEGAN SHAKEOLOGY is WHEAT FREE, SOY FREE, & GLUTEN FREE!

What these ingredients do:
Amino Acids and protein- Help rebuild and repair muscle tissue after being broken down from working out,  improves your immune system and fight disease, and reduce cravings.
Digestive enzymes and prebiotics- Helps regulate your digestive system, keep you regular, and helps you absorb nutrients
Anti-oxidants and phytonutrients- reverse damage done to your by disease causing free radicals. Reduce the risk of heart disease.

Now, Back to VANILLA!!
Vanilla Benefits:
Fights Cancer- Anti-oxidants block free radicals -- substances known to cause cancer and aging
Helps with relaxation- The scent of vanilla has a calming effect that can complement traditional treatments for anxiety.
Kills Bacteria- They found that vanillin inhibited the growth of all strains. Vanillin appeared to be most effective in foods with low pH values

DON”T LIKE VEGGIES??? Don’t worry, 1 glass of Shakeology is like going to the salad bar 6 times!!
Don’t have time to prepare meals every day, don’t worry, have a glass of SHAKEOLOGY!

HOW MUCH DOES SHAKEOLOGY COST? You can purchase a month of SHAKEOLOGY for 129$, which gives you 1 month supply.  This comes out to 4$ per day for an entire meal! Yes, all of these NATURAL ingredients in ONE shake! This saves you one meal for an entire month of spending on ingredients at the grocery store, going to fast food (burger king, Arby’s, McDonalds, or even Starbucks) and spending way more than 4$ without the nutrition and health benefits! 
It’s easy, tastes great, nutritious, and you can make more than just shakes with it! 

This is by far, my FAVORITE VIDEO CLIP EVER with SHAKEOLOGY!! Please watch and get a laugh, but also, notice the actual ingredients in these shakes!! Now you will see why we value our shakes!!!

*If you are interested in getting your SHAKEOLOGY NOW, you can order in HD (home direct) and get FREE SHIPPING!

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