Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Day 1 of T25 :

Day 1 went awesome!! I was prepared mentally and physically and that sets me up for success!! Although I had to work a 10 hr shift, that did not stop me from getting my workout in at 4 am!! I woke up and yes, its difficult, but I also had more energy throughout the day than if I were to sleep in and rush around!

 I had all my necessities to have a great workout...
1. My water
2. My polar watch to count my calories
3. My sweat towel
4. ME and my workout!!

Off to work feeling full of energy and.... ferocious!!! HAHA

I felt full of energy the entire day and ate great!! I had my Vanilla SHAKEOLOGY for breakfast of course, Plain Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries/strawberries for snack, grilled chicken and Greek spinach salad for lunch with vinegar and oil dressing.  For my next snack was raw peppers and hummus and some edamame, and for dinner I was out at a restaurant for a retirement party, so I had Mediterranean Chicken with 1/2 serving of sweet potato fries and Greek salad.  Yes, I ate 1 piece of bread too.. My dinner could have been much better so I did not need anything else that evening, except my water!!!

Now, to hold myself accountable.. I will post my before pics and measurements!! I def need to tone my arms and legs a lot more and wouldn't mind toning my stomach a little more too!!! I always seem to hold my fat in my arms, not sure why.. BLAHHH!! So here it is.. time to keep myself motivated and accountable!!

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  1. GIRL I totally want your body!! Hanging your picture up for inspiration. GO GIRL