Monday, July 22, 2013

T25 Week 2 Day 1~

Today is officially the start of my second week into T25!  I am not going to lie, I feel like I have horrible shin splints.  I had FIT club tonight and could barely do the jumps.  I ate pretty well and drank 60 oz of water, which I need 65 min, so I will chug after I am done typing!  Here was my meal plan for today:
Had a great workout with T25 did cardio today and worked up a sweat!!  I did use my awesome E&E as my pre-workout drink!!

Breakfast: Egg whites with fresh bruschetta and reduced fat feta cheese (was suppose to have 1 slice Ezekiel bread, but was running late and forgot it)

Snack: light laughing cow cheese with red bean brown rice triscuits (4)

Lunch: 6 in chicken sub from subway with mustard (was doing grocery shopping for the beach)

Dinner (early): Asian Chicken (healthy version of chinese with chicken garlic, low sodium soy sauce, chicken broth, and light brown sugar) with brown rice

Snack: 2 shakeo balls

Late snack: Garden veggies with 1 veggie burger, sauce, and parmesean cheese (post workout #2)

Overall, I had a great day!! Tomorrow morning I leave for the beach for a few days so I will be taking my T25 with me.. If I do not have access to play the workout, I will be running on the beach!!! 

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