Tuesday, July 16, 2013

T25 Day 2~

Day 2 of T25 was a successful day! So I was off work today, so I woke up and did some Beach Body work, spent time with my boys and then did my T25 workout!! I love the fact that my kids can play and not get too anxious with me working out because it is literally only 25 min!! 

YAY workout complete!!

Why do I love summer?? Because it's so easy to be healthy!!!

Dinner was AWESOME!! Bruschetta Chicken with a large Greek salad!! You can eat as many veggies as you want and not over eat!!! Love eating healthy!! No reason to feel hungry!!  I also had egg whites with Ezekiel bread for breakfast, snack 1 fat free string cheese and almonds, lunch Shakeology, snack 2 veggies and hummus, then dinner!! I actually am full so will not need anything else!!! DRINKING LOTS OF WATER!!!

So I overall had an amazing day and got to spend the day with my boys in the amazing hot weather!! OHH how I LOVE summer time!!!  My workouts hardly take up any of my day and have room to enjoy relaxing!!

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