Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 5 & 6 T25~

So yesterday, we went away to visit family, and it was not so bad at all! I did not do a workout (Doing them Sat and Sun),  but did eat fairly well throughout the day, considering not being home.  Here was my meal plan:
Breakfast: Shakeology
Snack: fat free string cheese, almonds
Lunch: Chili's- Steak fajita trio without the wraps, sourcream,  or guacamole. Extra water
Snack: salsa and tortilla chips (BAD!! )

Dinner: chicken with veggies from my mother’s garden (a huge zucchini baked with feta and tomatoes) which was awesome!!

I felt like an elephant for eating the chips and not working out did not help one bit.. I think the grease from Chili’s was not the greatest either… Better days ahead.. we’re human, it happens!

Saturday, I woke up early and got my workout in (lower body), then I had a fun event promoting beach body and helping people get healthy!! My fellow coach and I were at Safety Day at a Fire Hall where we had a table and had samples of Shakeology, Shakeology no-bake cookies, and discussed all the workouts and supplements that BEACH BODY has.  Our goal was to find people interested in joining us at our FIT club and to motivate people who are ready to make that lifestyle change, to join us on a journey  to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle!

While we were there, we drank some samples of SHAKEOLOGY  (maybe had a total of 1 serving, including 3 small shakeo balls), some BBQ habanero almonds (amazing), and drank lots of water since we were in the heat! 
For lunch we had subway (stuck with whole wheat and 6 in bread- portion control).
 Snack: fat free string cheese
Dinner: Chicken Fajitas with peppers and onion, on whole wheat wrap with salsa and jalapenos!

Now I am drained from today and ready for bed so I can wake up and enjoy yet another beautiful day!! 

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