Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 3 T25~

Day 3 T25 was yet another successful day!! This is what happens when you put your mind to it!!! If you believe, YOU WILL ACHIEVE!!! It is all about having faith in yourself and pushing until you get to where you need to be in life!! This is where I want to be.. healthy and happy with myself! I love the way I feel when I eat this way and I love the way I feel when I get great exercises in! I worked again today a 10 hour shift, but still got my T25 workout in and had great meals! Today was Total Body Circuit and holy crap was it intense! I think that is my favorite T25 workout because it truly works every part of your body.  Even parts you didn’t think you had!  For work, I ate very healthy and enjoyed every bit! I even got my water intake in!

I did get hungry in the afternoon, so I doubled up on my veggies.  Drank extra water and I was good!! I had FIT club tonight where I have a group together to workout and get motivated and didn't have extra food so I stopped at subway and got a 6 in chicken with whole wheat bread and lots of veggies!! Overall, great day and I still feel great, ready to chug some water and hit that sack! Im exhausted now and work again in the morning!! NITE NITE!! :)

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