Monday, March 25, 2013

Ultimate Reset Day 8

Ultimate Reset Day 8
It is the beginning of week 2!! I went through week 1 and loved the food and week 2 officially is cutting out all of the meat and dairy.  Slowly, grains are decreased as well.  For breakfast, I had an awesome fruit plate consisting of black berries, raspberries, kiwi, and strawberries.  I think my favorite meal was lunch which consisted of pinto beans and rice and a micro green salad with homemade dressing.  I was a little worried about adding alfalfa into my salad, but it actually tasted great! 

For a snack, I had 1 cup of blueberries and a medium green apple.  Now the hard part, dinner… I had awesome asparagus with slivered almonds and then roasted red pepper sweet potato bisque.  It sounded awesome, I got the ingredients, and I attempted and gave it my all.  I cannot eat it.  The taste just does not go well with me.  I tried it while at work and I had about 4 other people try it and actually really liked it, so I think it is more of a personal preference.  So, I am taking that soup out of my meal plan for tomorrow and probably going to do more pinto beans and rice which I loved with the salad.  This week I am probably just going to stick with more of the same meals.  I am not going to eat the miso veggie soup either.  I hate that I spent money buying the ingredients, but unfortunately I just cannot handle the taste.  If I had to eat it I would, but I am not going to be miserable when I eat when I can just enjoy eating the same foods for a few days in a row.  I only have 14 days left, so I’m excited that I am just going to move on and eat more of the same foods to get me through.  They are meals that I will also continue to eat after my reset is over too, which is exciting! 
Also starting today was adding the packet of Detox three times daily to my supplements prior to eating my meals.  After looking at the ingredients and seeing bark and seeing it was brown, it stressed me out, but after trying it, I was relieved that it actually does not taste bad at all.. It is more of a citrus flavor.  So today was a pretty good day and I am looking forward now until tomorrow!!
By the way, I was not going to weigh myself, but since I had so many people notice a difference in me since the start of my reset, I weighed myself and have already lost 6lbs!! I am officially 3 lbs away from my ultimate goal weight!!!

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