Friday, March 22, 2013


Chickza (chicken crust pizza)

Note: - gluten free
- low carb, high protein

Ingredients (4 servings):
- 500 g chicken breast/filet (or use chicken mince but this will have more fat)
- 1 egg
- fresh black pepper & salt
- optional: chilli powder or pizza/spaghetti spices

- tomato sauce (mix some normal and concentrated)
- pizza / spaghetti spices
- 1/2 onion
- 1 bell peppers (1/2 green, 1/2 yellow)
- 125 g mushrooms
- 125 g low fat mozzarella

- Put the chicken breast/filet in the blender or cut it in very small pieces (chicken tartare)
- In a mixing bowl, add the blended chicken, egg, fresh black pepper & salt and chilli powder (or use spaghetti/pizza spices) and mix thoroughly.
- Pat into the base of a baking dish so that the whole base is covered. (I put first some baking paper in the baking dish) Or spread on a baking paper covered baking tin.
- Cook in a medium hot oven for 20-30 mins until the mixture is a dark brown.
- Let it cool for about 10 minutes.
- Cover with the bell peppers, onion, mushrooms and low fat mozzarella and place back in the oven
- Cook for a further 15-20 minutes
I found this on fitness recipes on facebook and looks soooo amazing!!!

Nutritional facts (1 serving):
Energy: 226 cal
Protein: 38.3 g
Carbohydrates: 6 g (sugar 5.5 g)
Fat: 5.1 g (saturated 0.8 g)
Fiber: 1.5 g

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