Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 1 Ultimate Reset

                                             Ultimate Reset DAY 1 

 Well, I officially made it through day 1!!! I do have many different feelings about it, although mostly good things!! I honestly did not think I was going to be able to handle a lot of the food, since I am very picky and eat the same things over and over, BUT I surprised myself!! I had kale for the first time for breakfast and enjoyed it!!! I loved having the opportunity to eat a slice of toast too!!! For lunch, my salad was awesome and I cherish every bite of chicken I put in my mouth while I can!! The homemade salad dressing was AMAZING!! I will definitely continue to use that as my dressing from now on!!! I of course LOVE my strawberry shakeology and was able to have that as my snack mixed with berries.. and dinner was salmon, potatoes, and asparagus! I was full after every meal!! My only issue with today was drinking the water with the mineralize powder and drinking the alkalinize powder. Now I will say after the last time of drinking the mineralize powder, I drank it much easier than the first, second, and third. Now my issue is getting the alkalinize powder. I am not a juicing fan, nor drinking wheat grass, and this smells and tastes completely nasty lol… BUT I know how good for me it is and you make sacrifices to get where you need to, so I’m going to get through it!! I will say having to drink the supplements makes the food taste even better!! Overall, today went pretty awesome and I was able to drink 80 oz of distilled water without an issue!! Hoping tomorrow is even better!! 

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