Friday, March 22, 2013

Ultimate Reset Day 5

Day 5 Ultimate Reset
So day 5 went well for me!! I was able to sleep the entire night, which was awesome and then woke up with the kiddos at 7am.  I felt amazing in the morning and throughout my entire day!! So I am going to give a run down of what my day consisted of.

7am – Woke up with kids and got them breakfast

730 - Drank my mineralize and took my optimize capsules

800 - Ate breakfast oatmeal with apples and flax seed

900 – Did my postings for challenge groups 

1000 – Time with boys  (play and ate)

1100 – Drank mineralize and took my optimize capsules

1130 –Ate Quinoa Salad and raw peppers with ¼ c hummus

1200 – Errand and to gym

1230-130 Gym with friends to do Insanity (usually not supposed to do intense workouts but I was bad)

200 –Got boys settled from nap and eat/ drank Alkalinize and drank mineralize

230 –Ate Shakeology for my snack (Chocolate Vegan with strawberries and distilled water)

300-430 –Work (beachbody)

500-drank mineralize and took my optimize and soothe capsules

530 –Ate dinner consisting of medium sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa, and black beans

545 –Help with Rugby team

700-Get boys in bed and down time for me!

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