Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I am so excited to announce not only is my youngest son 9 months old now, but I have worked my butt off to eat clean, exercise, and stay positive and have officially reached my goal weight right at 9 months after having my second child!! It took a lot of hard work, dedication, support from friends and family and of course my upline coach and cousin who got me into beachbody!! 

I started Insanity the day I was cleared by the doctor at 6 weeks post-partum.   I then started drinking Shakeology, which made eating healthy so much easier and so convenient!! Then when I finished Insanity, I moved on to a month of P90X and then found a love for turbo fire!! I was always into dancing, so this was a great motivator and so much fun at the same time while being healthy!!  After my turbo fire, I did a mixture of Les Mills combat with more Insanity until now where I am currently doing the 21 day Ultimate Reset!! I was having a lot of trouble losing my last 10 pounds, which I knew that was coming because my goal is 125 and have not been that since 9th grade.. a long time ago!!! So I figured by tricking my body and doing the reset may help! Guess what?!? I am 10 days into this reset and lost my last 10 pounds already!!! I am just thrilled with what I am capable of accomplishing!! I feel great, have so much energy, and am more confident!! 
 I do want to say one more thing.... My weight did not come on in one day, pregnant or not just like anyone else... So the weight and inches are not coming off in one day.. It will take time, dedication, will power, and change.. You may go through emotions, binges, missed workouts, and pain.. but as long as you get back up, YOU WILL get your results and achieve anything you want!!!

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