Saturday, March 9, 2013

21 Day Ultimate Reset is here!!

So I am so excited and nervous about starting my Ultimate Reset on the 18th!! My kit came, and it looks awesome!! I am so ready to have a different way of eating! The only part I am nervous about is going vegan, but I know it will be so worth it!! My body is going to LOVE me!!! I was nervous when I first started eating clean because I knew I needed to cut back all the red meats that I ate (about 4-5 times a week).  After eating clean, I only eat red meat once a week, if that.  I think it was psychological that I thought I would go crazy without it, but then I realized, I have so many other sources of protein that is so much better for my body!!
So my kit looks completely awesome!

There are 3 phases to this reset, which is why it lasts 21 days.. One phase per week.. The first phase is RECLAIMING your body.  You slowly remove red meat and dairy so your removing the stress from your digestive system.
Phase 2 is RELEASING the toxins from your cells in your body and cleansing your colon.  This Phase is completely vegan!!
Phase 3 is RESTORING your metabolism to the max and putting nutrients, enzymes, and prebiotics back into your body.  This is vegan, but cutting further back on grains and eating mostly fruits and veggies!!
Included in the reset are 6 supplements to take during these phases.  The purpose of these supplements 1.) Help revitalize the normal flora in your digestive tract
2.) Help remove toxins and wastes in the colon
3.) Helps maintain alkalinity
4.) Adds natural minerals needed in the body
5.) Promotes healthy metabolism and effective body functions
6.) Helps enhance digestive health and reduce inflammation
One thing that I found interesting is not needing to do ay strenuous activity during this reset, but it does make sense that you’re already giving your body a serious internal workout.  Doing stretches, walking, yoga, and breathing are great sources of exercise during this reset! 
As I read through my ULTIMATE RESET, water is an extremely important part of this!  The use of distilled (the purest of water) water is going to be used throughout this reset.
The most important thing for me is learning how to eat properly and take this experience with me throughout the rest of my life to maintain a very healthy way of living and eating.  This is not a short term thing for although the reset is 21 days.  It takes 21 days to get into a habit, so my purpose for this is to make it become a habit for me and live and learn from this reset!
So get ready because starting the 18th, I will post daily how each of these 21 days of my reset goes and how it changes my life!!

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