Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ultimate Reset Day 10

Ultimate Reset Day 10
I cannot believe I am 10 days into my reset!!! This is awesome!! I  did struggle slightly today, but Easter weekend is just starting for me and I better get used to the temptations!! So first, I had my awesome fruit plate for breakfast, which I could probably eat every day and never get sick of it..Then for lunch, I had a micro green salad and ½ serving of pinto beans and rice. 

For a snack I had blueberries and a green apple (addicting), and for dinner I had pinto beans and rice and steamed green beans and zucchini!! 

I loved the food again today even though it is the same thing, I still enjoy eating it!! Got another gallon of water in and it’s easy to do now!!  My supplements were easy to take as well!! Now this evening was the tempting part.. We went to an Easter egg hunt at a friends’ house and they had pizza, peanut butter and chocolate covered marshmallows, Doritos, peanut butter brownies, and I made an awesome clean veggie pizza.. Of course, I could not eat ANYTHING!! I wanted a piece of veggie pizza so bad!! It was not even the pizza I wanted which is unusual for me.  Now, the marshmallow looked amazing too, so I took one and put it in a zip lock bag and it is sitting in my freezer for when I am off my reset, when I want an off meal that will be it!! J This weekend is going to be tough.. Why did I pick to do my reset during Easter?! What was I thinking?!?!  It’s not that I want candy, I just want food that is healthy lol.. and eat portion size of what I want!! Oh well, it will be over before I know it and it will pay off that I stuck through it!!! 

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