Monday, March 25, 2013

Ultimate Reset Day 7

Ultimate Reset Day 7 was definetely the most emotional and draining day for me.  I loved my food today, especially my eggs and kale with toast for breakfast, and my dinner!!!

But I literally spent the entire day prepping for the upcoming week other than working 4 hrs.  I was so excited to prep my food as usual, but when the food was made, especially the soups, I wanted to gag and decided to taste it... and I still wanted to gag.. Now many people love Miso and seaweed... I wish I was, I do not like sushi, seaweed, and I think you get it.  I just need to wake up tomorrow with a clean slate and be positive.  Im doing this to help my body, so I will figure out something.  If I am not able to get the soup down, I will double up on another I had already made.  Here is my plan for the upcoming week, although subject to change.. Hopefully I will not and can handle it!! Here goes nothing!!!

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