Monday, April 1, 2013

Ultimate Reset Days 12-14

Ultimate Reset Days 12-14
Over Easter weekend, I was away, so was not able to update my blog (my apology).  Although, while many people were indulging on Easter candy and unhealthy food… I kept with my meal plan for reset and am so proud of myself!!  I have NEVER been so dedicated to a meal plan EVER!! Having to do this over Easter was def one of the toughest times to do this reset (other than thanksgiving and Christmas).   
 Saturday prior to celebrating Easter at both mine and my husband's families, we had my nephew's 5th birthday party

 The party consisted of pizza, cupcakes, and ice cream!  I was tempted to take a small bite, but I actually did not have a hard time turning it down!! I ate my apple and blueberries right after the party and was fine!! I enjoyed watching my kids have the cupcakes (my youngest had a cup cake for the first time)!! 
So my overall weekend was a complete success!!!
I had my fruit plate for every breakfast

My lunches consisted of quinoa lentil pilaf with either ¼ c hummus or a sweet potato 

My snacks consisted of 1 green apple and 1 c blueberries

My dinners consisted of edamame corn succotash or pinto beans and brown rice with steamed green beans and/or zucchini.
I took my supplements on time and drank 1 gallon of distilled water every day.
My most difficult part was seeing the large peanut butter eggs, my mother’s dinner (bbq spare ribs, porkchops, an awesome looking salad, green beans and sweet potatoes), and my mother in law’s dinner (ham, potatoes with onion soup mix and sweet potatoes, asparagus, green beans, and rolls), and the desert (my clean brownies and fat free sugar free pudding cake).  I also had a difficult time not eating a boiled egg that we colored.. they looked sooo amazing!! 

 I am definitely ready for this last week of my reset to kick butt and have a new outlook on food when I am back to my normal routine Monday. 
 During the weekend, I was so hungry for the food I saw that I went out and bought a clean eating magazine and am so excited to make some recipes and last night I ordered to clean eating books!! So I achieved my goal and am officially craving healthy food!! I am so excited and absolutely am so thankful that I was able to do this Ultimate Reset!! I am also happy that I did it through Easter because I learned a lot about myself and realized how much I am capable of!!
I will say I am so thankful my husband was completely supportive of me during this weekend because he would ask me if he can eat something in front of me every time he wanted something and did not have any candy either!! He said he would not tempt me... If you would know my husband, he was a candy freak!! I have turned him healthy and love it!! Although he was rubbing the eggs in my face haha!!
 He was more helpful than I would ever imagine!! I actually forgot my reset calendar when we were 1 hr back towards our house and he actually turned around and picked it back up where we left it and said he knows how important this is to me!! I am so thankful for such a supportive husband to help me through this!!  My weekend was amazing and just love my husband, kids, and family!! So thankful everyone is healthy and supportive!!! 
and funny too!! I always have a great laugh with my family!!

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