Sunday, April 21, 2013


Sundays are one of my FAVORITE days because not only is it a relaxing day for my family and I , but also for me to think ahead of how I can set myself up for success!! What can I do to save time, but not allow myself to fail miserably with binging and food!!?? Well, by taking a few hours to make your weekly meal plan, write down a grocery list of what is on your plan, go grocery shopping, and cook up your food and separate it into portion sizes, is going to help you tremendously!!!  This way, there is no excuse for having no time to cook, no time to prep, and no food available, because it is done and in your reach!! 

Always have your food packed and extra in case of an emergency!! Set yourself up for success is going to make YOU happy in the long run and help you MAXIMIZE YOUR results!!!! I have found by me doing this EVERY week, I have reached my goal weight and have been able to maintain my healthy weight!! I have more time during the week now, and am not stressing about not having what I need, because it is there!!! NO EXCUSES!!! It is time to reach our goals and be proud of what we are able to accomplish!!
Here is a little video on how I set myself up for success each week!!
 If you are interested in learning more about clean eating and how to get fit forever, join my challenge group and reach your health and fitness goals!! It's time to stop wishing and starting DOING!! It sounds scary to actually start, but you will be surprised at what you are capable of doing!!! Contact me for more info on my challenge groups on either Facebook or email..
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