Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ultimate Reset Day 17!

Day 17 Ultimate Reset!!

I just completed day 17 and had a great day! I was up at 430 am to do work on my challenge groups, pack my kids up for the babysitter, and pack my food and get ready for work at 7am.  It is so nice to wake up early! I have so much energy and just feel so great when I do this!! If I can only manage to get up like this every day!! Now, I did get hungry throughout the day and had a difficult time with 4 meals.  I had my breakfast at 0645 even though you’re supposed to eat within an hour of waking up, I had to wait since I was working, I needed to be on a schedule.  I had my second meal at 11am, my third before I went to the gym for my insanity class at 3, and my last meal at 600pm.  

 While at work, they had a party with amazing looking food (meat and cheeses, crab dip, pork bbq, oreo cake, chips), but I did not budge!! I drank my Alkalinize instead!!  Since I worked out today, I was starving in the evening (actual hunger pains) so I did have more steamed veggies at 745pm. I got my gallon of water in today and am now drinking lemon water since I would love to eat again.  I am getting really nervous of getting off the reset because I am so happy with my body and weight for the first time and I don’t want to gain it back! It was a challenge to get off and I worked so hard for it, but I will make sure I am conscious of what I eat and will continue to eat a lot of the food!!  I feel I did great but hope me having an extra serving of veggies without taking supplements prior to does not affect me and my results!  I am pretty sure I will be ok! 

Had a great workout with Insanity!  Nothing motivates you more than a great workout with friends to keep pushing you when you want to give up!! When your down, someone is there to get you up and scream "keep going, you are on your last set"!!!  And really, like Shaun T says "THAT SH** IS BANANAS"!!!!

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