Friday, April 26, 2013


So if you have goals and dreams in life, why not reach for the stars!?!? Literally!! HAHA ! One of my goals for this year (well in my lifetime) was to go skydiving.. I officially am able to take away one more thing off of my bucket list!!! This year has been so successful thus far, so it was time to celebrate some while getting another accomplished!! I have never felt so amazing while free falling!!! That was probably my favorite moment!! You feel so free!! Then once the parachute comes out, it is so completely silent and relaxing like you have no worries in the world!! The view is just the most amazing thing!!! I am afraid of air planes and heights, but I somehow felt so comfortable!! I cannot even describe how good it felt to free fall and then to just coast slowly around and not hear any noise or negativity!! I am so glad I had the opportunity to achieve this goal!!! I would definitely do it again!!!! 

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