Friday, April 5, 2013

Ultimate Reset Day 19!!

Day 19 Ultimate Reset!

Today was a good day, although tough.  I was busy driving and traveling to meet friends that are in my challenge group!! This morning, I had my usual amazing fresh fruit plate. 
For my second meal, I had a micro green salad and switched things up by not having a sweet potato, but adding in a half of an avocado.  I tried an avocado one time in the past and gagged when I tried it.  I was able to eat the whole thing, although it is not something I would eat on a normal basis.  It tasted fine in my salad.  

My third and fourth meal, I actually switched around because we were eating dinner together at 430 and I wanted to eat a meal with them.  So I had a sweet potato and garlic veggies 

and then my last meal was a green apple and blueberries.  Everything once again tasted great!! I cannot believe I officially have 2 days left!! I am so excited to make a rice cake with peanut butter and banana and a whole wheat wrap with some banana and almond butter!! Oh and to have a shakeology with my peanut butter!! Ok Im still craving my peanut butter, but will NOT eat it like I use to!! Only in recipes!! 
Anyways, I had a great day today with some great people and wish we had more time to get to know each other, but until then, we will continue to help each other over our challenge group!!


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