Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ultimate Reset Day 18!

Ultimate Reset Day 18
Today went well.  I was not that hungry throughout the day, until the evening hit.  I had my fresh fruit plate for breakfast; my second meal was a sweet potato with a Greek salad.  My third meal was a green apple and blueberries and for dinner I had a sweet potato with garlic veggies.. I was so hungry after eating the veggies that I did get a second helping of them.  I got a gallon of water in again and am currently drinking lemon water because my stomach is growling, but it is too late to eat anything.  
 Today, I was able to get away for a little and have some ME TIME!! Thanks to my hubby for getting my manicure and pedicure!! I was able to relax and read some of my PUSH book by Chalene Johnson, which may I mention is amazing and worth reading to help you succeed with anything in life you are trying!!  I also wore my awesome Insanity shirt that I love to show off for working so hard, but also give people the opportunity to possibly get into beach body and the workouts to improve their lifestyles!

I did completely forget to mention how extremely cold I am all the time.  Literally, ALL THE TIME!! I feel like I have zero body fat, although that is not the real case!! Haha! I cannot believe I only have this weekend and I have made it! I was not sure I would be able to handle this and I am surprisingly doing well! I am starting to focus and plan what I am going to do after this is over.  I am going to continue to eat very clean, but I do miss my turkey burgers, chicken, and steak once a week.  I am going to stay away from sweets though.  I do not miss them, so I know I do not need them.  I do miss my peanut butter, but am also going to only eat it when it is an ingredient, not like how I use to eat it plain with a spoon.
One thing I have learned is my servings were way too big!! Now that I have been eating with a certain serving and hold myself back from eating until my next meal… there is no need to snack in between and if I am still hungry, I need to drink more water to realize they are not hunger pains, it was cravings.  I was obviously not drinking enough water, but will continue to drink the same amount that I am now.
Tomorrow, I will be traveling to meet my friends in my challenge groups that have made huge lifestyle changes for the best and I cannot wait to meet them!! I will take my food with me, since we are meeting at a restaurant and I will stick to my meal plan! Remember, planning and preparing = SUCCESS!! 

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