Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ultimate Reset Day 20!!

Ultimate Reset Day 20!!
Oh how is has it been 20 days already!?!? This has seriously been AMAZING!! I had a great day today, although I am still awake at 4am and just now writing up my days’ worth, so really I’m starting day 21 right now!! I worked 9a-9p and had a few to do’s, so I am trying to get everything in!!
So my breakfast consisted of once again, an amazing fruit plate and added some pineapple in again which was awesome!  

My second meal was a micro green salad with a half of an avocado, which tasted so much better today than yesterday!  

I can tell my body is adjusting so well since I am enjoying foods that I never imagined I would like!
My third meal was 1 green apple and 1 cup fresh blueberries
My fourth meal was Garlic Veggies and 1 sweet potato. 

I did eat it early at 630pm since I was up so early.  So when I got home from work at 9pm, I was starving and my stomach was growling, despite drinking water with lemon.  So I did steam a red pepper and a medium zucchini and ate that with some braggs liquid aminos.  Then I shoved about 8 baby tomatoes in my mouth.  This was the first time I did that in 20 days, which I was hoping to not do that and I only have 1 day left, but I still had veggies only and they are on my food list so I think I am safe! I have been drinking so much lemon water, I have been running to the bathroom every 5 min.. literally!! TMI right?!? So overall, great day and feel great, but I cannot wait for tomorrow!!! So excited to enjoy my last day on the reset!!  I will say the only thing I do not love about this reset is how cold I am lol.. I cannot believe how constantly, no matter how much clothes I put on, am FREEZING!!!! Oh and today I am breaking out, which I saw it on my reset book that it can happen, but did not think it would with only 1 day left! Oh well, I overall feel AMAZING, so Im going to get 2 hours of shut eye!! Good Night and Good Morning!!

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