Monday, February 8, 2016

Getting Started on your Fitness Journey!

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3 Years ago, my second son was born, I was unhappy, depressed, and disgusted with how I looked and felt.  I needed a change and the same old routine of jumping from diet to diet wasn't cutting it.  It was causing me to stress more, and it became more of a yo-yo diet which was NOT healthy for me! 

As I was looking for a change, I heard about Beachbody programs, which were home fitness programs that came with a schedule to follow AND a nutrition plan... and then Shakeology.  I was slightly skeptical because I wasn't sure this is another FAD diet that I was falling into.  As I did my research and saw the amazing results my cousin had and many other friends and family I knew were doing the same thing.  

I decided to trust in the process and take a leap of faith.  It was scary, yes... but what would be scarier, taking a leap and getting results, or not taking the leap and staying in the same unhappy place your in looking for a way out?! I have to be completely real and up front because I was in that same situation! Its easy to take the easy way out... to skip out on your goals because maybe your busy and use to putting everyone else first... but think about this.. those people you love and put first.. how will you take care of them the best way if you cannot take care of yourself? People follow the lead.  They follow what you do! So if you take care of yourself, then you as a role model will show others how its done and will join you and follow the lead! 

As I was reaching my goals little by little, I was so excited to share my success with others and show that it IS possible to reach your goals no matter how busy you are, what obstacles are in your way, and no matter how much you want to lose or gain! 

The biggest part that contributed to my success with my health and fitness goals was being in a challenge group/support group.  I've had personal trainers.. I was a personal trainer. I know the time spent with trainers helps a lot... but having them every single day is not realistic.  Being in the challenge groups gave me the ability to have a coach and mentor help me DAILY throughout the day with support, motivation, accountability, but also gave me tips on healthy eating and exercise, meal planning and meal prepping for the week, and I also was not only working with my coach, but the group of people doing the same thing I was doing! I found extra support, friendships, and having surround myself with others with similar goals pushed me harder, further when I wanted to give up, and gave me exactly what I needed to reach my goals!

Since being in challenge groups myself, I decided as I was getting the results I wanted, to give this opportunity to others as well! Having experience as a trainer, education on nutrition, experience now as a figure competitor, I can give advice, support, knowledge and motivation to others so they experience the success as well!

I am now accepting new challengers to take a leap of faith with me and allow me to help 1:1 with daily support, motivation, and accountability and reaching some BIG GOALS together as a team!

Please fill out the application below and we will talk more about starting your new journey! 

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