Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fitness Beachbody Transformation with Beachbody!

I am so excited to share this amazing transformation that Jackie has had throughout her fitness journey with Beachbody!! If you are not familiar with "BEACHBODY", this is a company that is about working hard to live a healthy fulfilling life! We take away the "diet mode" and add simple things you can do DAILY to give yourself the life and body you deserve! We focus on clean eating, exercise, and support!! Our programs are all able to be done at home and whats incredible about this whole journey is there is a program out there for EVERYONE! No matter what level of fitness you are, preference of workout, limitations of exercise, or how much time you can dedicate daily to your workouts, we have something for you! 

I fell in love when I first started my own journey after having my second boy!! I was unhappy, insecure, and depressed with my body!! I took the leap, and now since being able to share my success, others have been able to join me on this incredible journey! 

Here is what Jackie had to say about her journey so far with Beachbody:

"I played sports in middle school, and cheered in high school & college. Tried running for a bit after college even did a half marathon a few years ago. So I've always enjoyed being active but I never stick with anything long term. If go to the gym here and there. 

Most recently the past four years I would go to the gym and just walk on the inclined treadmills and read a book lol. Do a little ab working out and that's it. Again I wouldn't stick with it longer than a couple of months at the most. Then after this summer I started really not being happy at all with how I looked and how I felt. It wasn't affecting my relationship but it was affecting me in our relationship if that makes sense. I just wasn't as happy.

I started seeing a few friends posting about them working on their own journey with Beachbody programs at home, I finally asked one of them about what she was doing. I signed up the next day with the 21 Day Fix, but my friend sent me PiYo to start with until my program came. I loved everything about PiYo and Shakeology!!! 

Now I'm doing Hammer & Chisel and I freaking love it so much!!! I feel amazing!!!! PiYo really helped me to slim and get my flexibility back. With Hammer & Chisel, I see every result! It's an amazing program! The whole system with Shakeology and the programs is perfect for me. I've stuck with everything for 3 months straight and it's the longest I have done that I can remember.

The challenge group and accountability of having a coach really push me! Sometimes I need that push to set my good goals to make them great goals. I'm more confident in everything that I do from work, to my workouts, & absolutely in myself in my relationship with my boyfriend, and day to day I'm so much happier too!!

So as you see, this girl is on FIYA!!!! It's so amazing what these programs and challenge groups can do for you! It's hard working on your journey alone, not having support with you all the time.  But being in the challenge groups and having someone DAILY to push you just makes it all worthwhile! It gives you that push to keep moving forward every day to get closer to those ultimate goals you set!
My boys are my WHY for living this healthy lifestyle!

If you would like a chance to have 1:1 support, accountability, motivation, and tips to help you reach your fitness and health goals, please fill out the application below for a spot in my next 30 day private online fitness challenge/support group! This is your chance to get everything Jackie and I both had experience with to help us along our own journey to success!!

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