Monday, January 7, 2013


When you visit my site, you will hear me talk a lot about SHAKEOLOGY!! WHY?!?! Because it is BY FAR, "the healthiest meal of the day!"  No, not because I am a coach and sell it, because I have been hooked way before I even became a beach body coach!  It is because out of any other product of post meal shakes or even meal replacement shakes I have used in the past, NO other shake has the nutrients of shakeology, nor do they actually lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, help improve the way your digestive system functions, or give you the energy that SHAKEOLOGY does!  Yes, you heard me right!! People have literally gotten their medications reduced, and even been taken off of their medications because these shakes are that effective!! 

Now I want to talk about the excuse many people use when they are debating on purchasing it... it cost too much money... well to be honest, I use to use that as an excuse!! I was hesitant because I was already using my whey protein from GNC and that cost enough for me.  I have 2 kids to pay for, along with school, and my new home.  After thinking long and hard, I decided to be involved in a 90 day fitness challenge that REQUIRED you to drink shakeology.  I figured, you know what, SHAKEOLOGY has a bottom of the bad gaurentee that if I do not like it in 30 days, Im getting my money back.. After my 30 days, I was completely IN LOVE!!!  Sorry if you guys are using the whey protein by GNC, Jillian Michaels, any weight watchers protein, slim fast, etc., the do NOT compare!!
If you want to compare cost wise, yes it does cost slightly more, BUT think about the ingredients and nutrition you get out of it before you turn your head.  SHAKEOLOGY includes 1 shot of wheat grass.. did you know if you go buy a shot of wheat grass, your already at 4 $??  Did I also mention, you get your daily serving of fruits AND veges all in one serving?! Getting your veges in is so hard for some people (Im one of these people) because to be honest, they do not taste as good as junk food.  But you need to think about how healthy it is and what they do for your body!
 You no longer need to spend the extra money on multivitamins... do you know why??!! You get it all in ONE SHAKE!!  You drink these shakes, improve your health, guess what?!? You can also stop spending any extra money on medications!! Hmm Im pretty sure with what I have just said alone, your cost of SHAKEOLOGY is now not that costly.
Now lets talk about this meal to other meals you may purchase... Please, if you eat at fast food restaraunts, lose the excuse of the cost, because you lost!!! Go to the drive through at any other restaraunt and buy a meal.... you will pay MORE than you would a shake, plus you do not get the nutrition, although you will get more calories!!! So you make the choice...How important if your nutrition and health?!?

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