Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year 2013

It is already a new year, and will be a great one!! Just to reflect a little on my previous year, my family and I had so many accomplishments in 2012!!  We had our second little boy, built our first home, I started an additional career as an INDEPENDENT TEAM BEACH BODY COACH, and I also just finished my certification to be a school nurse through Slippery Rock University!  Along with those accomplishments, I have gotten back to my high school weight after having my second child, which is so rewarding to me because my health is so important!
Now that I have acheived a big part of my fitness goals, I am so excited and eager to help others do the same! Men and women, younger and older, small or large, it does not matter... Everyone still has their own goals that can be met with dedication, knowledge, and support, which is exactly what I do as a beach body coach!  I provide all of that to my customers so they can live a happier and healthier life style!!  I will be doing challenge groups throughout this entire year so people can have their OWN success story!!

I hope you can make this year the best year yet also because YOU deserve it!! Im not saying it will come easy, but if you work for it, it is totally worth every pound lost, every inch lost, and all the pride, confidence, and knowledge gained!!
Deidra Penrose- Independent Tean Beach Body Coach

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