Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Weekly Meal Plan

In order to set yourself up for success on the nutrition aspect, it is important to PREPARE YOURSELF!! This way, there is NO chance for failure!  What I do is look at my work schedule, since I do work part time, and revolve my meals around that, along with what other plans I have for the week that could interfere.  I make my meals on a weekly schedule and I usually make it on a word doc (you can use a peice of paper also) and put that right where you have easy access to view it such as your fridge!  This also will help when you are having those food cravings and want to go off of your schedule.


7 am

Egg beaters with red/green peppers,  ¼ c oatmeal with 1 tbsp pb2
Egg beaters with red/green peppers , ¼ c oatmeal with 1 tbsp pb2
½ c oatmeal with 2 tsbp flaxseed pb
Egg beaters w red/green pepp in a whole wheat wrap
Egg beaters w red/green pepp in a whole wheat wrap
10 am
1 low fat string cheese 1 oz cinnamon almonds
2 rice cakes  w 1 tbsp  flaxseed pb

Red/green raw peppers with hummus
1 small banana  w 1 tbsp pb
Apple w 1 tsbp natural pb

4 oz grilled chicken on spinach with feta ,dried cranberries, walnuts, onion, oil and vinegar dressing
Apple w flaxseed pb, almonds
Spinach salad w /4 oz salmon, peppers, feta, vin and oil
Grilled chicken salad with spinach, feta cheese, dried cranberries, walnuts, onion, oil and vin dr.
Grilled shrimp w brown rice cooked w/peas/carrots/ 1 egg w low sodium soy sauce
Grilled shrimp w brown rice w/peas/carrots/ 1 egg w low sodium soy sauce/ steam fresh zucchini
Sweet potato ff  4 oz turkey burger, steam fresh zucchini

2 rice cakes with 2 tbsp flaxseed naturally more pb
4 oz salmon with fresh green beans  ½ c cooked brown rice w/1 tsp low sodium soy sauce
Shakeology w/1 tbsp flaxseed pb, 1 tbsp choco pb2
Grilled chicken wrapped in lettuce with fat free cheese
Chicken with red/green peppers, spinach salad
Spinach salad w turkey burger, reg/green pepp, ff shredded  cheese, 1 tbs greek yogurt , salsa
Spinach salad with turkey burger, red green peppers, low ff shredded  cheese salsa and 1 tbs greek yogurt

Hummus w/red and green peppers
Cocoa almonds w. 1 string cheese
1 string cheese cinnamon almonds
1 string cheese, 1 oz almonds
2 rice cakes w 1 tbsp pb

1 ff string cheese
1 rice cake w 1 tbsp pb

Cocoa almonds/string cheese

Don't forget to get enough WATER that your body needs each day!! Remember, take your body weight and divide by 2!  For instance, if you weigh 120, divide by 2 and your daily intake for water should be 60 oz!

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