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Fitness Coach Working From Home- Success Happens when Preparation Meets Opportunity!


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2.5 years ago, I did something that was totally out of my comfort zone, and I had NO idea what I was getting myself into.  You know, one of those "crazy ideas" that randomly come up with....
Well, as I was on my own fitness journey, I finally found what "works" for me.  Not the diets, not the diet pills, not starvation.. it was a lifestyle that made me feel good about myself, helped my energy levels, my cravings, and I had the body that I never even had in college before kids! 
They say once you have kids, your body never goes back.. well I partially agree... It does change, but it is not true that you cannot look better than you did before! I can say I NEVER had abs before kids. I was in shape, but never had a 4 pack and definitely not a 6 pack!

So as I reached my fitness goals, I felt it was only fair to share this opportunity with others who are wanting to make lifestyle changes and find a way to gain healthy habits. So I started running my challenge groups which are closed groups on Facebook where I work 1:1 with my customers to give them daily motivation, support, and accountability, along with tips and tools to help them stay on track of their own goals! I have found that this was not only helping my customers, but myself with my own accountability!

I was spending between 30 minutes and 1 hour a day, working with my customers who need help with their journey, along with sharing my own story to social media (Facebook, Instagram, and my blog).  I would share my workouts, what I am eating, and some healthy recipes that I made to maybe help someone else who is looking for something new!

As I was sharing my story, it was giving others who are looking for a healthier lifestyle a place to go! SO many people have no clue how to get the help, or they feel that they could never achieve their goals.  But as I shared my own experience through my journey, it gave people hope that if I can do it, they can to! 

I helped these people in need of a lifestyle change with accountability, support, a fitness program that fits their goals and fitness level, and a nutrition plan that comes with the program.  Along with the program, my challengers incorporate a dense nutritious meal that gives them nutrients that they do not even get from their typical meals at home.  Superfoods, pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes, anti-oxidants and more.... amazing nutrition---> SHAKEOLOGY!
If I can give my customers 1 meal that I know they are getting exactly what they need to reach their goals, then I am one happy coach! 

As a fitness coach, I focus on the entire lifestyle:

As I help my challengers with their results, I also am looking for other people with the same passion as I do for helping others, people with the passion for health and fitness, and a drive to want to succeed! 

As I helped people with their goals, I was also able to provide financial freedom for my family! I went from working full time as an ER nurse, to retiring at age 29 to stay at home with my kids and working with my challengers full time to help them reach their goals!

Our team Forever FIT, also part of the #1 Team in the entire Beachbody organization, has the top training that you need to be successful as a fitness coach.  We give FREE trainings to get coaches started right and learn the basics of the business, along with FREE trainings to grow further in your business to the top 1% of the company, which our team is currently at!

How do you start growing your business as a fitness coach:
-Continue your own journey and be a product of the product (show you are using the programs and Shakeology as well as your customers)
-Invite others to join your challenge group to help them on their journey 
-Invite others to coach who have a passion for fitness and helping others
-Get involved in the trainings ASAP --> The sooner you start, the sooner you see success!
-Attend calls--> Our team has weekly calls, along with the calls we have during our trainings (on video conference call so we can see and talk as a team!)

What do our trainings entail:
-How to start growing your business right away
-How to invite others on this journey
-How to Share the opportunity VS. "Selling"
-How to Rank Advance in your business and earn income in your first month of coaching
-How to grow your business with social media (different social media outlets and how to use them)

How can you gain financial freedom as a home fitness coach:
-You earn 25% commission on your customers' purchases
-You get 25% off your own products (save money with groceries every month)
-As you build a team (with other coaches who join you), you earn volume which turns into long term income
-You earn FREE trips as you help others with their fitness journey!

What you need to start:
-A positive mindset
-A drive to want to help others
-A passion for fitness 
-Ability to access a computer
-Ability to share your journey or what you will be doing (many successful coaches start out never having a transformation, but its the ability to share while on your journey that counts!)
-Your own challenge pack to start your journey (A fitness program, nutrition guide, and Shakeology)!

If you are ready to start your journey to success with me, please fill out the application below for a spot on my team! I will contact you within the next 24 hours!

I am running a FREE 5 day SNEAK PEEK into BEACHBODY COACHING if you are interested, again, please fill out the application to be added to this group for more information on what we do as home fitness coaches! You can also go ahead and add me on Facebook at and message me to be added to my 5 Day Free Sneak Peek into Coaching!

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