Friday, November 21, 2014

Exclusive Elite Training for New Fitness Coaches- Leaders in the Making

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As a nurse, mommy of 2 boys, wife, and health and fitness coach, I can say my plate is definitely full, but it is a good full!! I feel like I am reaching my goals in life, enjoying my family, and since I started my coaching journey and working from home, I've been able to spend more time with my kids and haven't missed any events, holidays, or special moments with them! As a nurse or someone who works swing shift, weekends, every other holiday, you would know how difficult it is to have a sleep schedule, let alone try to have a good routine with your family and attend all your children's activities! For the first time in my life, I finally am able to say I work from home and make my own schedule without needing to request off or call off when something comes up! 

I started my fitness journey as a challenger in a support group/challenge group that was 90 days long and used the home fitness program INSANITY and incorporated Beachbody's health shake meal replacement SHAKEOLOGY along with clean eating into my new regimen.  I was ready to reach my health and fitness goals and between having the support, motivation, and accountability with tips, recipes, and the program, I was reaching goals I never thought I could both physically and mentally!  For the first time, even after 2 kids, I was ok to look in the mirror and did not have to try on 10 outfits before finding one I was comfortable in.

Before I knew it, I was confident, experienced with nutrition and how to eat clean (I've also had nutrition classes and was a personal trainer at one time), and felt I could pay it forward to others who struggled with their weight or wanted to lose those last 10 pounds that were't budging.  I felt the challenge groups were so beneficial to my success and it was time for me to continue my own journey, but also start helping others on their journey as well!

As I continued my fitness journey and helping others in ending the trend of obesity, I was also working part time as a nurse.  I realized my passion was bigger than what I imagined it would be.. As I was able to help change lives, I found myself more motivated to continue helping more and more people! At the same time, I was earning financial freedom for my family! My 16,000$ credit card was paid off, my Christmas for my family was paid for, and I was able to go part time as a nurse!
I reached 5 star (high rank in the company) and became ELITE qualified for 2013 (top 1% of the company).

2 YRS LATER and I took my husband on a cruise (totally paid in full),  a trip to Vegas for our biggest training of the year, and a trip to Scottsdale, AZ  for leadership which only 200 coaches out of over 200,000 attended all again PAID IN FULL! I have grown an amazing team of leaders who are so passionate and driven and I love that I can say they are like my extended family! 
As I just reached my 2 year mark this month, I also have been able to pay off my car, finish our basement, but also quit my nursing job all together! I have helped enough people both physically and financially that I have made 6 Figure Income a year just in over a year of building my new career as a Beachbody Coach and Entrepreneur.  
I also have reached a huge goal of becoming an NPC figure competitor! This is just extra motivation to keep me on track with my fitness goals, but be experienced to help others in different ways according to their goals and level of fitness!

I never thought in a million years would I be able to own my own business, let alone have a successful business to where I can work from home and enjoy waking up every day loving what I do and being excited to work!

Now I am ready to pay it forward more! I want to help more people find physical and financial success! 

What qualities am I looking for in a coach on my team?
I am looking for people who are passionate about health and fitness, maybe still on their own fitness journey (you do not have to be at your goal weight, although you can be), love helping people, compassionate, motivating, hard working, dedicated, committed, friendly, fun, outgoing,  and honest! 

You do NOT have to.....
Be at your fitness goals, have background in health and fitness, be experienced with social media.  You do not have to be a personal trainer or nutritionist (although you can be), you do not have to work full time to be successful in this business!

Starting December 8th, my success partners and I are recruiting 30 goal diggers and starting an Elite Training called #Emerging Leaders in the making, 60 Days to Leadership! This program is for anyone who is willing to commit to learning the in's and out's of what Beachbody and growing a successful business is all about.  We will provide you with tips, tools, and skills to utilize and become the CEO of your own business.  We have weekly calls and you will hear from not only corporate, but also the top coaches of the entire company! If you want to reach high goals, this is where you will find it... Trainings from top coaches, support, and accountability to keep you right on track of your goals!

If you are ready to commit to becoming a top health and fitness coach, please fill out the application below and also find me on Facebook so I can continue helping you reach your goals to success!!

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