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What is better than seeing real results of real people on their weight loss journey getting amazing results by living a healthy lifestyle?! This is not dieting, starving yourself.... its pure hard work, dedication, clean eating, and exercise!! 

Krystal is one of my challengers who started her journey and decided to commit to the 21 DAY FIX and drinking SHAKEOLOGY once daily in place of one meal and incorporating clean eating into her regimen.  

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Krystal's Story:

My name is Krystal, I am a 30 year old wife, mother of 1, and full time nurse. I had previously turned down the opportunity to try shakeology as well as challenge groups out of fear, lack of confidence, and thinking it was expensive. I thought "why try something else that won't work" and "I'm not paying for that when all I need to do is just exercise on my own".  After years of NO results and unable to stick with a healthy diet I joined a challenge group and bought my first challenge pack, the 21 Day Fix and shakeology. I soon realized that losing weight and becoming fit was not about trying to eat as little as possible for a while and exercise a few times but a total life style change.  With the 21 day fix I wasn't eating tiny bits of tasteless foods, I was eating full fulfilling healthy nutrient worthy meals. At first I stuck with the same few meals but once I figured out clean eating and it became part of my lifestyle I soon found it easy to come up with new delicious recipes. As far as including shakeology in my everyday meal plans, I was actually spending less than I was before!  My workouts at first were a little difficult to keep up with, but I pushed at my own pace.  I made goals to do one more squat or one more push up the next day. I started seeing results almost immediately, not because "it works" or "it's a good diet" but because I was actively pursuing a goal to get fit, NOT dieting, and being held accountable through the challenge group.  I would think "I could give up on this set with 10 seconds left and rest a little longer before the next exercise but then I'll have to post my workout as 3 or 4 for the day" so it kept me motivated to keep pushing through.  My daughter, my WHY, started wanting to exercise with me, I found myself being able to run around with her more, go for little bike rides without dreading how I'd feel or how tired I would be.  I noticed in the first couple of weeks a change in my mood, I was sleeping better, I had more energy, I felt great!  I couldn't believe the difference in myself just from changing how I eat and consistently exercising!  I started to look forward to my workouts, the sweat,the burn, I knew results were happening so it really kept me motivated.  I could feel myself getting stronger as the workouts were easier to keep up with everyday.  I started to realize that eating wasn't about just filling my belly, but fueling my body.  I noticed how I felt content, full and energized after clean meals rather thank the tired, lazy, bloated feeling of fast food or junk food like I was eating before. In the first 21 days i had lost 20 pounds and I was exstatic!  I couldnt believe how easy it had become to stick with this lifestyle.  At times, I would get some craving for chips or another junk food, chips was my go to snack before. I've learned to replace those healthy snacks with snacks that are comforting but still healthy.  One of my newest favorites, which surprised me, is hummus!  My husband even noticed how I was sticking with the meal plans and exercising, he said "I've never seen you stick with anything like you are with this."  I now find myself subconsciously making healthier decisions when it comes to foods outside of my meal plan, consistently including shakeology everyday, and portioning appropriately instead of just filling up a plate and eating until it's and l gone. I've learned a lot in the first 60 days of my fitness journey about eating to fuel your body, exercising to gain energy.  I've only just started and already have a great base for clean eating habbits and fitness as I continue my journey.

What is the 21 DAY FIX?
The 21 Day Fix is one of my favorite programs! What I love so much is you work your ENTIRE body between the 14 workouts! You get your cardio, cardio with weights, upper focus, lower focus, plyos, yoga, pilates, and more! If you like a variety of workouts, this is perfect!! 

-21 DAY FIX nutrition plan- The 21 day fix is focused on portion control.  Nutrition is most people's issue reaching their weight loss goals, so having this strict nutrition guide will help you reach your ultimate goal! 
With this program, you even get containers for your food to portion out. Each container is color coded based on the food group and sized according to what the portion is.  When you get your program, the guide will help you figure out how many of each container you need based on your caloric intake.

Shakeology is not a protein shake, or a weight loss shake.  What is so different about Shakeology than other shakes is the nutrition you get.  
-Over 70 Natural ingredients that gives you your daily dose of dense nutrition.  
-You get your super foods, amino acids, digestive enzymes, anti oxidants, pre and pro-biotics and more!

What do these nutrients to for you?
-Help with muscle tissue healing and regrowth, improve digestion, reduce cravings, increase energy, improve immune system, and improve heart health!

Is Shakeology an entire meal?
Shakeology is an entire meal replacement that is used in place of any meal you prefer (I use a meal that I have difficulty getting in or that I tend to eat poorly with).

How do you make Shakeology?
There are tons of recipes you can make with Shakeology, depending on what you are in the mood for!  I blend my shake in a blender with ice, almond milk or water, Shakeology and other additives such as peanut butter or fresh fruits!

Why add Shakeology into your regimen?
Nutrition is 80% of your results.  This basically means if you workout and eat poorly, you will find yourself not getting to your goal.  It is extremely important to eat healthy if you are trying to have  healthy lifestyle and reach your goal body.
My personal experience, I have tried many protein shakes, weight loss shakes, but I have been able to stick with Shakeology because it is not comparable to any other I have used.  As I said, its a health shake, and Im finally getting the nutrients and natural ingredients I need to help maintain that healthy lifestyle.  Its not about the calories, the carbs, protein, its about getting the proper nutrition!
When you fuel your body with the right foods, it wants more... it gets you craving more healthy foods.
Your taste buds change according to what you feed it, and this was the first step for getting my body exactly what it needs in an easy convenient way!

If you would like to get started on your health and fitness journey and learn to live the healthy lifestyle that is taught in my 60 day challenge groups, please fill out the application below for a spot in my next group to get 1:1 support and motivation, along with tips and recipes to help you reach your goals!

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