Monday, July 14, 2014

New DIAMOND Beachbody Coach Success Story- Natasha S.

I jump for joy every time I am able to talk about this coach success story!  This story is so special and touches me because I know so many people can relate with her!! Get ready to be inspired!

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 Natasha signed up with me almost a year ago and was so excited to work as a health and fitness coach with Team Beachbody! She is also a Registered Nurse and works with me in the Emergency Room.  She came over my house and was so excited to get started with coaching... She had goals and all these intentions, but there was something missing.  She didn't pursue anything, never acted upon what her goals were, and never followed through.  It was sad because I saw the potential she had, and I saw it going to waste.  
When I asked her why she was not doing anything about her goals, her response was  "I'm afraid no one will join me, and I don't know who to go to." After that, she continued using SHAKEOLOGY and continuing to stay a coach for the discount.  
Then, just about 2 1/2 months ago, I saw an email that Natasha decided to cancel her coaching account...I quickly went to her at work and asked WHY?!?!? I see so much potential and she obviously loves helping people, loves health and fitness... I wanted to change her mind for her lol. She stated she was not doing anything with the business aspect and didn't think she could get back into it since its been so long and got nothing out of it.  
Within those 3 days she had to change her mind before Beachbody completely canceled her account, she came to me and said, Im changing my mind and ready to work the business and help people! I have goals of working part time so I can be with my family and watch my kids grow one day and not work holidays and weekends (Yes, this is what benefits you get as a Beachbody coach)!
Whatever clicked with Natasha, really clicked. That very next day, she started talking to people about joining her challenge group (support and accountability group) and join her team as a health and fitness coach! 
From that point on, she grew from a discount coach canceling her coach account, to rank advancing to diamond in 2 months, and adding other coaches who love helping others, and also running challenge groups to help people reach their own health and fitness goals! 
What a turn around! She has become so successful and now sees her potential.. She sees whats possible with Beachbody as a career!!

Being able to work your own hours, work from home, and having the accountability to reach and maintain your own health and fitness goals is such a great benefit with coaching! Natasha has even already signed up for next years Summit in Nashville TN, which is our biggest training event of the year with Beachbody! 

She has not only changed her life, but she is changing others every single day!!
I am so proud of you girl!! Keep inspiring and keep up the amazing work!! Im so glad am a big mouth and love talking back into things haha!! It paid off! :)

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